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    Anima Hide Drake-Nerei

    Her voice ranges in color from Patterned through Alight and Instinctive to Immersed as her mood changes.

    Gender: Female
    Species: Tauric dire wolf/human
    Age: Fully grown, but perhaps not having taken the steps which make her an adult. Eqv. Fall 1999.
    Alignment: Red, Chaotic Neutral
    Profession: Spiritual Liege
    Power Rating: C
    Description: Anima is sleek, lithe, and athletic. Her hair is a pale brown, almost shining white, and is currently done up in looped braids, and her fur just a little darker. Her eyes, a sea-blue, and her face round and prone to smiling. She is usually dressed in loose clothing of brightly colored geometric patterns and a pointy black witch's hat, with a sash and belt of several pouches around her waist.
    Personality: When Anima first came to the city, years ago, she was shy and bumbling. But her confidence grew quickly, even into arrogance. She prides herself on her ability to stay calm and in control, but her reactions in truly extreme circumstances are correspondingly more extreme. Where once she had two minds, she now has one. The clever, fully sapient task-mind she spent more and more time as has merged with the submersed true mind, leading to a liberated, [REDACTED]-like state of enlightenment, as well as an inversion of her true name. Anima loves to talk and to puzzle things out, asking question after question, leaping from idea to idea to swift conclusion to speculation. Combined with a desire to settle things before moving on, this makes her a bit disjointed and absentminded.
    A will-o-wisp, blue light.
    A little jar, fat with a heavy lid, cyan shot through with veins of orange, with the look of glazed pottery, cool to the touch. "This is a container for energy, made of itself, blaze and rust consuming each other in an eternal cycle."
    A soul jar. A small container, almost pitch black but with the vague appearance of swirling smoke.
    Abilities: She shares her soul with It That Takes, and it has started paying a lot of attention to her. This gives her power over fire, over heat and cold, and once in a while, Zane's Fearblaze.
    Very hard to hurt, save by certain relic things such as silver bullets and ash-wood stakes.
    And of course, she's been going to school to learn magic. Earth, Wood, and Water.
    Willow's Blessing
    Backstory: ... Ash & Brave ... Felix ... power failure ... boarding school ....
    That is to say:
    Hide is the third surviving child of Ash and Brave, with a litter-mate as yet unnamed, a fourth. Her father died before her birth, but she had her mother. She lived also with her older siblings, Bright and Dark, in the woods that had yet to be become the Frozen Forest. They played and hunted and when the time was right, they built and wrote and learned. They would skirt the edges of the Hunting Grounds, they would howl at the moon. All was well.

    Until one day Ash read something on a wall. And fell in love again. And made an enemy who destroyed their home and would have killed them if he could find them. Ash sent the children away, in Bright's care, to protect them. They made a new home, with the new skills of shaping fire that Zane had taught them. They gathered other people, young and old, who were dissatisfied with the life of the cities. They hunted in their new woods, and built a village, and howled at the moon. All was well.

    But as Hide grew, Anima started to develop powers. Strangenesses that their soul could not explain. She was sent away. Provisions were made to enroll her in a school and learn to control these things. She struggled with the customs and the work. She made a few friends. She kept a locked space where she could be herself, crept out at night and howled at the moon. All was well.

    Someone killed them all. Her whole family, in a single blow, from her nameless grandmother to her tiny newborn nephew. Most of them revived just afterwards, but changed. Dark and cold and possibly wrong. It That Takes was hurt and changed Hide didn't understand. Anima didn't understand. But it fell to her to make it right again. And when she did, they burned with fire and with ice and with fear. Was all still well?

    They had more to do. She met Tamamo, and traveled to the ruins of Tenzin's domain to evacuate the petitioners.

    She enlisted W to reave the Fugue realm of lost souls, and ended up with a slightly different body.

    Anima was chosen by It That Takes over her siblings. Perhaps she has less of her own soul than the others.
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