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So what about if Selenis is sterile? I seem to deleted your private message and need a source on that.
Oh right. Let's see, what I had replied was:

That's an interesting question! I think I had a thought about this out of the blue a couple weeks ago, as a matter of fact, although I didn't remember it until after thinking about your question for a minute; my first instinct was to say well yeah the clones are fully functional so they could get pregnant and give birth, but then I remembered that Selenis as overseer of her cloning program wouldn't want to risk one of the clones having a biological child, because that would introduce a lot of complications--so she probably has them created sterile.

That isn't official yet though, so I reserve the right to change my mind. : D Very good question!
I don't have any plans for this to come up in the story one way or the other at the moment, so there is no "canonical" stance on this right now--gotta keep my options open and all!