The Worm Judge

Forged by a mad illithid who turned from the Elder Brains and Ilsenssine towards the worship of Kyuss. The Worm Judge is a +2 Unholy Morningstar. The spikes on the Worm Judge seem to wriggle and writhe and when it hits a living creature these worms attempt to burrow in to the target forcing them to succeed at a DC 16 Fortitude save or be infested by these parasites. When a creature becomes infested they suffer 1d3 Str and Dex damage immediately, and cannot be further infested until that infestation is cured. This infestation functions as a disease which deals 1d3 Str and Dex damage on a failed Fortitude save (DC 16). In addition an undead creature wielding the Worm Judge may 1/day make a touch attack with it as a standard action. This attack deals no damage to the target but they must make a DC 16 Will save or suffer the effects of a Bestow Curse spell (CL 13).


In other news, IZ42 since you missed a vestige, if you want one I could give a try on making one... expect them to be monk themed and have died fighting Bel.