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Does anyone have one for me yet? Check my sig for some of my accomplishments.
My first thought is a +1 Keen Rapier of Wit. But I already made my Diplomacy weapon.


Spoiler: Vestige
Iz, the Ancient Master
Vestige Level: 6th.
Binding DC: 25
Special Requirement: No
Iz was an ancient warrior, known for his focus on self-mastery. His skill in unarmed combat was dreaded across his home world, but greater still was his skill with his great two-handed blade.
Legend: Iz is said to have come from humble beginnings, an orphan raised by a monastic order. Night and day he trained, building his body to perfection, learning the teachings of the monastery. Izís monastery was destroyed however, and it is said he forged a sword from the scrap metal remaining with which he pursued a bloody vengeance upon the orcish raiders which destroyed the order. This vendetta consumed his life for many years, but eventually the orcish horde was shattered, and he looked back on his life and saw simply blood. For years thereafter, Iz devoted himself to peace, living in hermitage, trying to meditate on the true purpose of life. Then the fiends came, a great army, descending out of vile hellgates. Iz joined the heroes who faced them, helping drive them back pursuing all the way into the depths of hell itself. There upon the blasted waste where fireballs fell from the sky, he faced the commander of the infernal legion the pit fiend general Bel who would later rise to lordship of the First. The two battled for hours and days, until at last the pit fiend tore into him. Izís body shredded and dead, he fought on through sheer force of will striking a deep wound into the general of Baator. Enraged Bel shattered Izís sword and struck him down not just in body but soul, rending Izís spirit so it could not pass on to the hallowed slopes of Celestia.
Manifestation: Iz manifests first by reaching out of the ground with one hand like a corpse clawing its way back to the surface. Covered in horrific scars, the corpse slowly rises out of the seal until it stands looking like a grotesque replica of its binder, its body half rotten and thoroughly torn, sex indeterminate, height and race the same as its binder, face ravaged. 42 shards of steel sit inside Izís flesh, stabbing and digging into its body. Iz speaks in a hoarse whisper, voice deep, even as its body radiates an infernal heat.
Sign: A thick web of scars form across your body, crisscrossing and layering over it.
Influence: Iz drives you to pursue battles to their end. You must see your enemy completely routed and defeated. Izís influence prevents you from giving up on pursuit of an enemy, except to pursue another current foe, and from accepting a surrender that does not render the enemy a complete non-threat.
Granted Abilities: Iz gives you the ability to summon a replica of his sword, to fight on beyond when your body should be dead, stun foes with your mighty blows, leap great distances, and some of the skills and talents of a monk.
Summoned Blade: As a swift action you can summon a magic greatsword. You are proficient in this weapon, may treat it as a monk special weapon, and may add your base (i.e. just the dice) monk unarmed damage you possess (either from monk levels or binding Ronove) to your damage with this weapon. Your greatswordís exact bonus and abilities depend on your effective binder level, according to the following table.
Effective Binder Level Greatsword Summoned
10th or lower +1 greatsword
11th-14th +1 Sacred Outsider (Evil) Bane greatsword
15th-18th +2 Sacred Outsider (Evil) Bane greatsword
19th+ +3 Sacred Outsider (Evil) Bane greatsword
Stunning Blow: As a free action you can instill your next melee attack with the potential to momentarily stun a foe. You must use this ability before you make your attack roll. If you hit the target must make a Fortitude saving throw or be stunned for 1 round. Once you have used this ability you cannot use it again for 5 rounds.
Narrow Path: The way of the monk is a narrow one, and it is easy to be led astray or to fall from it. You gain a +6 competence bonus to Balance and Sense Motive checs.
Hard to Kill: You do not die at -10 hit points, but instead at -10 Ė your Constitution score (for example if you have Con 11 you do not die until -21). While at 0 or less hit points you do not fall unconscious but are instead limited to only a standard and swift action each round, and you do not fall unconscious due to nonlethal damage unless it is at least as much higher than your current hit points as your death point is below 0 (i.e. if you donít die until -21 you are not knocked out unless you have 21 more nonlethal damage than hit points). Finally while at 0 or less hit points you gain Damage Reduction (1/2 effective binder levels)/-.
Mighty Leaps: As a full-round action you may move up to twice your speed and make a Jump at any point during this movement. With this jump you move 5 times the normal distance of your jump check (whether long or high jump) and may move all this distance as part of this full round action regardless of whether it is longer than your speed. Once you have used this ability you must wait 5 rounds to do so again.