I know that us Playgrounders aren't necessarily the sporty types, but I still think that this is interesting. Basically, I came up with the rules to a game, tentatively titled Balloonball, because I'm lazy and it's played with a balloon. To start, blow up a balloon, not with helium, but just with air. I recommend that the balloon be medium-sized -- not so large that it's insanely floaty, but not so small that it falls extremely fast. Then, find a medium-sized playing area, and mark off two goals at opposite ends of the area. It can be indoors or outdoors, but I prefer indoors, because you can bank the balloon off of the walls. When the balloon goes in your opponent's goal, you get a point. The catch is that you cannot hold the balloon by grasping/grabbing it. You can only keep it on the palm of your hand or on the back of your hand, or you can hit the balloon towards yourself. Also, if the balloon touches the ground, the person on the team that did not touch it last gets possession of the balloon where it landed. They *are* allowed to grab the balloon, but only in this one instance, and they cannot move while grabbing it. As soon as the ball is released from the grab, the game begins again. When a goal is scored, the loser starts off in the middle holding the balloon, with these same rules applying. You can create your own scoring objectives (first to a number, winner after certain period of time, etc), experiment with different balloon sizes, and experiment with different locations. I hope that you try this out sometime -- I've played it a lot and loved it.