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Spoiler: Deadlines Trophy Amulet
It is said that once a millennium, Boccob gathers the greatest of all mages within the Library of Lore to see if any can show him a use of magic that he has not seen, heard of, or envisioned. Very few have succeeded. Save for one known as Deadline, who was granted Deadline's Trophy Amulet as a reward for his expertise.

Deadlines Trophy Amulet is a Solid Gold amulet. As a standard activation power may be drawn from the amulet to activate an effect based off the metal the amulet is made of. With each activation the amulet decreases in the quality of metal, going from Gold to Silver to Bronze and finally to Copper. At the end of each day the amulet returns to it's previous Gold.

Gold: +1 to Caster Level, this is a continuous effect. As a standard action you may either activate Citywalk (as per a 10th level Urban Soul) or use Dominate Dragon (as a 10th level Talon of Tiamat)
Silver: As a standard action all attacks you make are treated as Cold Iron for the purpose of overcoming damage reduction, additionally you gain DR15/Cold Iron.
Bronze: As a standard action, you may make take a defensive stance, this stance lasts as long as you maintain a single position. By taking this stance you gain a +4 Constitution bonus and a +1 to Caster level.