A recent update to the Mystic has caused me a bit of a conundrum. The Mystic has traded Broken Blade for Mithral Current, which is both awesome and a little bit troublesome for me.

I enjoy writing up these guides for you all to use, and want to bring you the best possible guide I can, to that end I decided I won't be writing guides for any of the POW material I wrote for Dreamscarred Press. And that's the conundrum. I need a guide for Mithral Current for my Mystic Guide, but I won't write it myself in order to remain unbiased. So, I'm recruiting someone to help me with the Mystic Guide and in lieu of offering payment (because I'm poor), I'll share credit with you for the guide and give you a baker's dozen internet cookies for the trouble.

So who wants to help me write a mystic guide?