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Spoiler: Mithral Current Review
Spoiler: Level 1
Swift Current****: Strike for +1d6 is fairly standard at this level. However, the draw bonus is very nice in combination with the right class features and stances (Body of the Night springs to mind), which helps it age quite well.

Tidal Blade****: Comparing this to other maneuvers, it does the same thing as Scything Blade from Scarlet Throne: Hit 2 dudes. But, if you draw your weapon, you get a bonus to hit. So potentially better.

Flowing Creek*****: Okay, for perspective, most skill check AC replacers are level 2. and this lets you take a 5ft step if they miss. Fun times.

Following Wake***: So, spend your swift and attach a trip (using Perform (Dance)) to you next attack. Definitely not something to brush off lightly if you are focusing more on control than damage

Ready the Draw*****: This makes the discipline work at low levels before you have the feats to draw/sheathe normally. The extra Combat Reflexes is a bit odd for Warders (does it stack with Defensive Focus?), but this stance is still pretty much mandatory if you want to use on draw effects at low levels.

Reaching Blade Stance****: Damage and reach. Sadly, the damage ages once you can full attack, but more Reach will never be a bad thing (especially since you threaten all of it)

Spoiler: Level 2
Dual Crash***: +2d6 damage isn't bad. However, +2d6 damage and two hits before activating a Boost is wonderful. [Question for Elric: does the bonus damage apply to both hits? If so, move up a rank]

Iron Wave***: Again, +2d6 damage isn't bad, and the draw effect here isn't nearly as strong as with Dual Crash. However, it is a lot more awesome to visualize.

Calm the Storm*****: Okay, when you get it, this lets you hit someone in retaliation. However, this might be the best scaling counter in PoW. The higher level you get, the more attacks your opponent has. Therefore, the more it will hurt them to lose them. And big things, especially ones that work with class levels, tend to have lower Reflex saves. I can genuinely see myself readying this at 20

Ride the Wake**: I almost gave this a one star, but I can see it having uses. It's a primarily defensive boost that doesn't protect you from AoO.

Riptide Strike***: Standard fare for these strike. +2d6 damage, and trip with +2 as a rider. Passable maneuver.

Spoiler: Level 3
Salt Breeze Strike**: Decent damage, but the draw rider isn't fantastic [Note to Elric: Maybe save or blind for a round? would up to blue]

Flowing Water Stance**: Defensive bonuses. The initiative is nice, but I would switch out of this as soon as that wasn't needed. The big problem is that, while you can sheathe your weapon as a free action, without Mithral Current Style, this is completely useless. Kick this up to Blue**** with MC Style, since that is the truly glaring problem.

Rippling Current****: Swift Current's older brother. Again, great because of how many things work only against flat footed targets. If you aren't using anything like that, this drops to Orange**

Rushing Wake***: Now, let me clarify something: This is Purple***** for control builds. If you want damage, don't look here, but if you have a focus on tripping and have a reach weapon (thinking Zweihander Sentinel with Reaching Blade Stance), this can trip ARMIES. Even funnier if you can get flight and charge over them, sweeping their legs out as you go.

Spoiler: Level 4
Silver Wave****: So, that's a jump. Previously, your best strikes were dealing 3d6. Now we have 6d6, and if you draw you get range (and you get to look awesome)

Disruptive Wave***: Caster's don't always need to target you, but this will make them never WANT to. The ability to run up to Mr Squishy and slap him around is fantastic. Obviously not useful if you aren't fighting casters.

Blinding Reflection****: So, lots of extra damage, and a save or suck draw rider. And one of the nastier sucks, as well. And, if they make the save, you get a small consolation rider

Ride the Current*****: This scales for the same reason Calm the Storm does: High level enemies rely on multiple attacks. With this, you shut down their attack (by moving out of range) and get to stab them back (trading for the POSSIBLE hit on you).

Spoiler: Level 5
Whirlpool Strike***: Nice AoE. Remember to combine with Reaching Blade Stance if you can get the draw rider to extend your reach and add some damage

Flowing Stream*****: You may have noticed a certain bias here, but these counters are great in their scaling. Dodge the attack, shank the enemy, and run away to safety. [Note for Elric: It mentions Reflex saves. Can you use this to completely dodge stuff like Fireball?]

Rapid Current***: This is the upgrade to Dual Crash. Now you get 2 hits standard and a third on draw. [Note for Elric: Same question as Dual Crash, does the damage apply to the draw hit? If so, move up a grade]

Mithral Flash***: Attack vs attack is pretty reliable, and the counterattack is a nice addition. However, your opponent can keep attacking, unlike with other counters in the discipline.

Spoiler: Level 6
Quicksilver Wave***: The raw damage isn't aging well at this stage. Still looks cool.

Endless Current****: Given the phrasing "10ft step", I'm assuming this works like a 5ft step but longer. If so, this is one of the best ways I've ever seen to reach a backline caster. [Note to Elric: If I'm wrong, this is red]

Mithral Current Stance**: Sad but true. This stance has almost no synergy with the rest of the discipline. The best thing about it is swinging twice on a standard, but that's a bit weak for a 6th level stance.

Crashing Wake****: Remember the silly trips I mentioned on Rushing Wake for builds with reach? Well, now it's silly AoE damage. Would be purple, but doesn't prevent AoO from ruining your day.

Spoiler: Level 7
Flowing River*****: Remember how I mentioned Disruptive Wave and casters not wanting to target you? Now you don't need a charge line, and get to stab him twice for more damage. Also, boosting skills is way easier than boosting saves.

Raging Whirlpool Strike****: I call this one "The Blender". Slice them up nice and small. On draw nets you two hits and +8d6 damage against everyone adjacent to you.

Blade of the Silver Sea**: So, the same damage as everything else, but no AoE or movement. However, this pulls the silver properties of MC into play (finally). Also worth grabbing a Silver weapon if you want this.

Spoiler: Level 8
Mithral Wave*: +12d6 and possible range does not an 8th level maneuver make. [Note to Elric: Maybe make this one a Cone attack?]

Mithral Lightning Stance*****: Speed, AC, and counterattacks. Want to have some fun? Use Crashing Wake in this stance. Watch them try to stab you. Worth noting that since you counterattack when they attack, instead of on a hit or a miss, your attack goes before theirs, so you can kill them to negate.

Riptide Slice**: Better because Flat footed scales better than Close Range, but still just an upgrade of a first level maneuver.

And the 9th...

Truesilver Tsunami***: To explain, you make a full attack with everything dealing +4d6. That's the damage you're dealing. DR applies only once to the total, and if you draw, you ignore miss chance and concealment. Fun, but not the best 9th. Wish it had more synergy with the stances.