The problem is that MC Stance has nothing to do with either counterattacks or drawing, which seem to be the two foci of this discipline. Rather, it makes you a bit faster (woo, Flux got better at 3), treat as silver (pretty useless/fluffy except in combination with Blade of the Silver Sea), and an extra attack on standard and full attacks. The biggest problem is that maneuvers don't really take advantage of Standard or Full Attack actions. Maybe the stance lets you initiate maneuvers as counterattacks?

The big thing for me, when I look at a discipline, is the stances. The stances are the backbone of the discipline, and should be able to tell you, in no uncertain terms, what the discipline does. Unquiet Grave mimics Undead. Elemental Flux manipulates the elements. Black Seraph turns you into the Angel of Death. Broken Blade breaks people, not blades. Golden Lion is for your allies, not you. Silver Crane makes you a holy knight. They all have a theme.

Current has a theme as well: Samurai. From the Iaijutsu that is most of it, to attacking against overwhelming odds (Reaching Blade + AoE maneuvers). But multiple attacks, and only when not using your maneuvers, isn't that.

Also, I believe it is Errant formatting the discipline: Thank you so much