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I'll agree that the recovery method is flawed, Novawurmson is working on that. A good Fort Save would benefit the class, but I don't know that its super necessary, just a bit disappointing and it kind of breaks with the standard class setup. The skills... meh. I'm not too worried about the skills unless its a class that's supposed to utilize them.
Yes, yes and yes. I agree with all 3 of them. I kind of understand the skills now if it fits the class setup but I'm still confused on the bad fort save. Hopefully we'll get that. Then the whole class would make a bit more sense to me (tough frontline fighter with leadership capabilities instead of the current mashup between a supernatural support (high will like the other two classes) and frontline melee).

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Zealot actually has one of my favorite recovery methods, and it fits the class beautifully. I don't really understand the concern about solo play: Why would you use a Zealot (or a Vitalist/Tactician) in solo play? Their main ability is literally making a collective to help their allies! It's like running a Bard solo and complaining that Inspire doesn't do enough.
The Bard point is kind of moot because it still affects themselves. There will be situations in every campaign (or at least most campaigns) where you have to fight for yourself and what about the Zealot then? I get why they use this recovery but is it too much to ask for an alternative? Even the Mystic has Blade Meditation so they have a way to work around.

The optional recovery doesn't even have to be all that great (heck let them use Aid Another on themselves as a full round action and let them pay some pp) but it would still be nice to have. As I've said in the other thread Mind of the World Mover just doesn't cut it (and feels like a tacked on fix to an inherent problem). Also Mind of the World Shaker becomes so good that it's basically a Conviction tax (and taxation shows bad design).