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    Default Exalted: Restoration of the Solar Deliberative OOC

    Character Creation


    Established - You have been around for a while, likely carving a corner of Creation as your own. Begin at Essence 4. Receive 20 extra bonus points for common Backgrounds and 30 extra bonus points for everything else. Receive for free the Charm Root of the Ink Lotus halving the costs of learning Thaumaturgy. Treat all five basic crafts as one Ability.

    Veteran - You have participated in the recent daring raid on Malfeas by a motley alliance of Solars and their allies, culminating with a great battle at the Thing Infernal. Begin at Essence 4. Receive 10 extra bonus points for common Backgrounds and one rare Malfean wonder. Receive 32 bonus points for everything else. Start already acquainted with some of the great heroes of distant lands and know some of the rumors about the ultimate fate of the Scarlet Empress and the Ebon Dragon.

    Nouveau Elder - You are one of them, the signs that the Solar Exalted have truly returned. Being at Essence 5. Receive 5 extra bonus points for common Backgrounds and 30 extra bonus points for everything else. Allies may look up to you to lead and enemies may seek to denigrate you in particular as a proof that all Solars are weak. Other great Solars may see you as a rival or key ally.

    Grand Sifu - You have caught the attention, maybe even the admiration of one of the most powerful beings in Creation...although perhaps with strings attached. You have been trained in great secrets by the likes of the Thief of Words or the Lady of the Red Veils of Aki. Begin at Essence 4. Receive 5 extra bonus points for common Backgrounds and 32 extra bonus points for everything else.

    Debutante - You've yet to leave your mark on the world, but your relative inexperience may be your greatest asset. Begin at Essence 3. Receive 7 bonus points the first seven times bonus points are awarded (we'll use bp instead of xp). Halve all training times for the first year of the campaign. Allied Elders will not regard you as a rival and will seek your membership in their respective power blocks. Dangerous enemies would not have heard of you nor take you seriously...at least for now. Other young Solars may look for your camaderie opening doors closed to everyone else.

    Fey Dabbler - You have set on a path of mastering the secrets of the Wyld. Begin at Essence 4, with forged graces (even if not Eclipse) and knowing the Charm There Is No Lotus, halving all the costs for learning Raksha magic. Receive 5 extra bonus points for common Backgrounds and 32 extra bonus points for everything else.

    Tomb Raider - You may begin with a near-unique or perhaps even unique wonder of Creation in your possession. Begin at Essence 4. Receive 10 extra bonus points for Backgrounds and 30 extra bonus points for everything else.

    Lunars characters - Lunars have similar backgrounds to Solar characters available.

    Dragon-Blooded characters - Dragon-Blooded have similar backgrounds to Solar characters with the addition of +1 Essence rating for all choices (by Dragon-Blooded standards you are important Elders coping with the rise of the Solars) and the option:

    Chosen of the Last Whisper - You are not going to the founding of the Solar Deliberative because you have been invited, but because you have been tasked...by the one you hold highest of them all. Begin at Essence 6. Receive 10 extra bonus points for common Backgrounds and 32 extra bonus points for everything else.

    Non-Celestial characters cannot learn Root of the Ink Lotus and There Is No Lotus

    Abyssal characters are not impossible, but they must have taken steps on the metaphysical path of emancipation from their dark origins, and be ready to face much discrimination at the hands of their brighter brethren.

    - Essence is defined by your starting background story, it cannot be increased further at character creation

    - "Common" Backgrounds are such that are reasonably obtainable by an Exalt residing in Creation (specifically, not Malfeas, Yu-Shan, or the Underworld) without too great of an effort. So, an orichalcum daiklave is OK. A Daikalve of Conquest is not. All Background dots are under the "common" restriction detailed in the first post; ie Veteran is the only way to start the game with a Malfean wonder

    - Free First, Second, and Third excellency for any ability you have a dot in (including after chargen); any attribute for Lunars

    - Flaws don't grant bonus points

    - Non-Solars pay the same bonus point costs as Solars for things like Charm purchases. Non-Solars can raise abilities to five out of their ability point pools at chargen

    - Combos can be upgraded, or fully reimbursed, but the training time for new ones is not waived

    - One free spell per Sorcery Initiation Charm from the corresponding Circle

    - Bonus points will be awarded instead of experience

    Houserules and Clarifications


    The campaign will be played nearly exclusively under 2.0's last errata from November 10, 2010 (not 2.5), download link, with a number of fixes, the key one being:

    - no mote or willpower regeneration from any source when using a pefect defense. So if you use an instant perfect defense to defend from one attack, you won't regain motes or willpower from this one defense; should you use a tick-long perfect you won't regain motes or willpower for a tick, and should you use an action-long perfect, you won't regain motes or willpower for an action.
    Overdrive is unaffected.

    - no stacking of same items,
    ie two hearthstones of the Flying Heart won't give you 2 DV, but 1.

    - maximum effective Essence for any effect is capped at 10

    - mass combat is gone, we'll try to keep as many War keyword charms as possible, but some may make no sense on personal scale

    - only in combat, a 2-dice stunt is awarded automatically once per action for attack or defense; all other actions are awarded lesser 1-die stunts which don't qualify for certain stunt effects (ie parrying without a weapon).

    - channeling Virtues/spending WP is generally allowed only for standard Att+Ab rolls

    - Artifact Reinforced Breastplate is rated Artifact **
    Artifact Articulated Plate and Artifact Superheavy Plate are rated Artifact ***
    Regular artifact armor from Core have hearthstone sockets equal to their errated rating.

    - Glorious Solar Plate costs 1wp and 1m for a light orichalcum armor, 3m for medium, 5m for heavy

    - Threshold Warding Stance: in addition to canceling all environmental penalties to Dodge DV, this Charm also negates a single point of other penalties. Multiple activations of this Charm can be stacked to cancel up to a maximum of (Dexterity) points of penalty.

    - only the first attack in a flurry can be a surprise one; only the first attack in a flurry benefits from Aim; flurry attacks qualify for stunts one by one.

    - the defensive use of Sapphire Counterspell has a duration of two actions after the Join Battle roll, of Adamantine three actions
    Higher level counterspells and banishments eliminate areas of lower level spells/demons. Emerald countermagic is considered higher level vs thaumaturgy.
    Post-casting Join Battles don't count for Charms benefitting from Join Battle (ie Solar Thrown). Post-casting Join Battles are only opposed by the best result of enemies, not allies.
    Unknotting cords requires the potential to cast the Circle. Crucible of Tarim is N/A.

    - damage levels are soaked after damage dice. Ping can never be levels, only dice.

    - as a rule of thumb, all regeneration effects depending on successfully harming an enemy don't work against 1) non-enemies 2) weak enemies (as determined by the ST); also warning that over-the-top battery exploits will be checked too.

    - reflexive charms boosting attacks and others normally can't be applied outside their respective Ability; the keyword martial and martial-ready change this. Defensive charms don't void the general limitation to charm bonus to DVs. It's possible to spend WP and virtue channels on DV.

    - large structures have increased number of sections to demolish before full destruction, in some cases (ie First Age fortresses) many more.

    RAW nitpicks: it's possible to spend more than 1 WP per action in defense from Social Attacks. Inflicted poison ignores Hardness. Ability to parry lethal damage translates into ability to parry aggravated damage or ranged bashing damage; armor grants not only soak but also hardness against aggravated damage. Shields are armor. Shockwave Technique's Counterattack keyword is true only for the secondary attack. Cobra-Eye Splendor's Emotion keyword is true only for the penalty. Moonsilver Kata Bracers ignore Chaos Targes entirely. Aegis of Altruistic Imposition doesn't benefit from Unstoppable Force, Immovable Object and goes into Essence roll-off against perfect attacks. Dance of the Howling Magma Sprites is considered one attack for supplemental costs. While Empowering Justice Retribution literal RAW refers to "rolled" successes only, it's meaning is the successes of the attack regardless of whether they were physically rolled or mathematically added, the one exception are attack pools that are entirely unrolled. Charm-Smothering Technique must complete its duration. Shintai and Martial Arts Form-types are mutually inclusive. Only fully offensive Charms can be activated from Overdrive: any defensive application voids the possibility to use Overdrive.

    - This is not an exhaustive list.


    Silent Wayfarer - Sparda (Veteran Dawn)

    Pertenetator - Reshar Righteous Wanderer (Veteran Twilight)

    Exthalion - Ousiarches of Enlightening Splendor (Established Zenith)

    Django - Cathak Azeri (Established Fire Aspect)

    supernerd - Darryl (Established Full Moon)

    Phasm - Shiori (Established Twilight)

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