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    Gender: Female
    Species: Human Vampire
    Age: 17 + 3
    Alignment: White, Lawful Good. Although a bloodsucking monster, Carmen is responsible to a fault and wants what's best for the people she oversees.
    Profession: Landlord, Messenger.
    Power Rating: C
    Description: Teenage girl, brown skin further darkened by the sun, gold hair in a single long braid, broad conical straw hat. Cargo pants and a t-shirt. 1.6m tall, lean, with strong legs, dark eyes, and notably pointy canines. Floral tattoos on each wrist.
    Personality: Arrogant. She knows she's better than you.
    Equipment: A surprisingly resilient umbrella, a highly portable tower.
    Abilities: Vampire, see below for details
    Backstory: Carmen grew up in Icepost, among a family of farmers. She was requested to serve in the Queen's tower, for reminding the Queen of someone she knew in life. She stayed there, painfully if happily lost, until a war with a rival Queen, claiming dominion over all the Nexus. Every noble was slain, and the Queen driven to madness. Years went by, and with the help of Carmen and a traitor, she slowly recovered. For loyalty, Carmen was embraced and given rule of Icepost, while the former queen left to take her revenge and join her love in a new court. She has worked to protect the place and keep her foolish new nobles alive, only slowly looking out into the world.
    Her sire was everything to her. Her protector, her reason for living, her teacher, her example, her lover, her leader. What now that she is only a memory?
    This is the last time I see the rising sun. Tonight I am to report to the top of the tower and die under the moon. The Queen, unknowing, has begun a new war, and means to see it ended even if it means her unlife. There will be no one and nothing left then to protect Icehome, except me. I have been given the day off from carrying messages.
    Miscellaneous: Bioluminescent spots of red and yellow

    Spoiler: Avatar-builder Image

    Spoiler: The Mote

    The Mote is a spaceship. It is shaped like a twenty-five-meter-long egg attached by thick chains on the ventral port stern to a smaller egg.

    It it built around a single extremely large spinal cannon which has limited freedom of motion; for the most part it must be aimed by flying and turning the ship itself. The shells weigh a ton and a half, leave the barrel at Mach 2, and are accurate out to quite a few miles. It is most vulnerable when recovering from firing this weapon. It also mounts a pair of much smaller two-gun turrets to engage small targets and cover the engine-egg.
    It has one entrance hatch on the bottom, and another on the upper starboard.

    Its crew is composed of:
    Captain Bloom
    Pilot Anais, a half-human half-drow woman who took care of Bloom.
    Technician Reqonswent, a human man with built-in radio. Shaved head, connects to the computers with a cable port in the base of his neck.
    Des(peration), Gunner 3rd Class.
    Arakyonyx, Gunner 1st Class, an imp.

    Plus Russel the loader, Osseus Construct. Six legs, four big arms, lots of spines. Some spines end in mouths, others in hands.
    Plus an Engine

    Spoiler: Rainbow Vineyard Vampires

    They call themselves 'Singers' now, after their eldest 'living' member. Specifically, they are The Singers of the Moon's Chorus.

    Not reflected in silver. Not captured on film, but can be seen on digital cameras.
    Develop numerous phobias and compulsions. These vary among vampires, but knowledge of them tends to lead to a self-fulfilling effect; a vampire who has heard that vampires are unable to cross running water will often find himself unable to do so. These beliefs are often also passed down from sire to fledgling.
    Commonly found in the Singers: Inability to cross flowing water under their own power, inability to enter a home uninvited, inability to confront reflective surfaces, inability to confront religious symbols (that they recognize as such).
    Singers are weakened by sunlight. If they have not fed recently, it will burn them. Even if they have, it will slow and weaken them, and forbid them many of their powers. Reflected light is ineffective, it must come directly from a star, with at most diffusing air in the way.
    Silver will burn them, and wounds left by silver weapons will not regenerate like others will.
    A Singer's heart still beats; if it is destroyed, they will die. This and exposure to sunlight are the only normal means to kill them.

    Red Powers
    Tougher, faster, and stronger than their stock, by about 3 standard deviations.
    Blue Powers
    Thorn Step - Singers can put on brief bursts of speed, moving in a blue flash.
    Thorn Sails - Singers can learn to extend their powers through a suitably large vessel to move it faster than light.
    Yellow Powers
    Silver Powers
    Curse of the Vampire - To turn people into things like themselves

    -----The Order: 1 Master, 7 Hunters, 22 Trainees
    ----Queen of the Night

    Aurani Riki Cocoshee'atel'Quessa

    Alias: 99
    Gender: Female
    Species: Vampire
    Age: 124 years
    Alignment: White, Lawful Evil. Although out purely for herself and her loved ones, Riki abides by a strict and byzantine code of ethics and obligations.
    Profession: Monster Taxi Driver
    Power Rating: B
    Description: Five feet tall, with bright green eyes and a warm smile, sharply dressed in fashion several decades old, not nearly enough of the buttons done up. She keeps the tattoo covered up.
    Then the whites of her eyes go red and the pupil becomes a slit and she's replaced by a sleek beast of curved stained glass as the Ferret Fangire. Long fangs (not just in her mouth), strong claws, and that tail!
    Personality: Quick to anger, quick to forgive, quick to jump to conclusions, and pathologically guilty. If people would just take things seriously and listen for one minute-
    Equipment: Riki's blue suede shoes let you treat whatever they're resting on as 'down'.
    Jon's Sword.
    Abilities: Strong, fast, tough, transforming, life-draining.
    Backstory: Goodness, what a lot to get into. Let's just blame the emptiness of this section on the time the old queen locked all her memories away. The Glass-Vampire War was a terrible time.
    Miscellaneous: update in progress.
    Previously part of TOWN.
    Mostly shows up near her daughter (from back when she was alive) Mei.
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