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    [Soul Society]
    (Kobayashi Household)

    Momoka slips her sandals off, an amused smile playing on her face as she observes her surroundings. She offers Setsurou a chuckle as he pokes out from the kitchen, taking off her glasses and slipping them in a pocket of her coat.

    "I should know you wouldn't merely stop at dinner." Her tone is slightly teasing. "But it is very nice. Thank you, Setsurou." She runs a hand through her hair, the normally immaculate dreadlocks looking to be in slight need of care. They're a bit frazzled and frayed, which is understandable given some of the events of the past few days. "...and I think I will take that bath." She nods, not much more to say on that, padding gracefully to the bath after picking out a clean white kimono.

    As she disrobes and slips into the prickling hot water, her pale skin only "blemished" by the ink of her tattoos, she lets her hair back, idly re-rolling loose strands and treating it with some salt water set aside for just this thing. The gears of her mind turn.

    Koutarou would already have his report. Quite thorough for a few hours, but Momoka displayed a talent for logical and contingent planning. Of course, it was merely a formality, Koutarou had likely already made his decision, or was close to it.

    That is not the only thing she accomplished, however. Koutetsu Azuma would be receiving a letter requesting a meeting with Kishi, to attempt to stop the meaningless and counterproductive bloodshed and destruction. She made no qualms admitting to her acquaintance to Kishi as another child raised under their group home, but that was the extent of it. And that was all that could be proven with so little information on Momoka.

    Her plans were underway. Time and Fate would tell whether they would resonate through the Seireitei.

    (Engineering HQ - THE ARENA)

    Waltz would sigh if he could. But he can't. "Allow me to phrase it another way. I cannot allow you to enter the arena, because Captain Takenaka is fighting very hard, and she cannot have such a distraction."
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