[Soul Society]
(Kobayashi Household)

Momoka occupies her mind with the tending of her hair long enough that she keeps from drifting off in the tub, walking out of the bath in the pure white kimono she picked out, drying her locks with a utility kido. So convenient! Nonetheless, she sits down with a contented smile and samples the potatoes.

"I will admit I had my own reasons." Oho. "Unfortunately, it is business. And so, I will give you the option as to discuss it now, or hold it off." Aw.

(Engineering HQ - THE ARENA)

Sakadatsu growls, swiping the smoke away and looking around carefully. "...perhaps you have bridled your ego-" And then there's a crack as Chouko appears above the ape, smashing into one of his right arms with a gauntlet, then a second, pulling up muscle tendons and wires from the interior.

"You talk too much, man!" The ape roars, whipping its tail quicker than Chouko can react, sending her flying into a rock with a crash, dust clouding the impact zone. But that hardly matters, since he follows up with another savage jump. His fore arms both left and right move with uninhibited power, but his secondary right has lost some muscle tone. So the attack was sound in principle...

Before Sakadatsu lands, however, he gets a face full of lead. The preceding explosion sounds an awful lot like a shotgun, and it's all enough to send his jump off course with a crash, a crater forming underneath his might. But that's not all; as the form of Chouko dashes away and Sakadatsu recovers, two fiery explosions follow, likely the result of grenades.

Chouko rolls behind a rock to evade the shrapnel, the results of her attack still to be seen...