[Soul Society]
(Kobayashi Household)

Momoka raises her eyebrows at the quality of the potatoes. She isn't driven to tears or anything, but Setsurou can tell she is legitimately surprised. She gives a simple nod and smile after her first bite, but gets to the matter at hand. Because she's too good at being all business. That said, most people couldn't even get a reaction out of her, so it's something!

"...I am not sure if you are aware, but I may be approaching Erscheinung Von Geister soon. I believe if anyone is capable of speaking to him without provoking a violent response, and perhaps actually coaxing some information out of him, it is me. Partly because we are somewhat similar. I am fairly certain neither of us would want a fight out of such a meeting."

"I am telling you this because I am sure you would find out in any case, if you have not already. And I would like to ask you to consider staying back. I have no doubts you would follow me, but this is not an ill-conceived idea I came up with at the last moment. I have been considering how to approach the Commander with it for some time. So I have gone over the possible scenarios in my head, and while there are no certainties, I am sure of my ability to escape if needed." She closes her eyes. "...I trust in you to take care of yourself, and I have no doubts you trust in the same of me. But... it is possible I may say some things to the Ghost King to convince him I could be an ally. And it is possible some of those things would not be mistruths, but things I truly believe in. And in that... I would not want you to be caught in the middle if Central 46 learned of some of them. I have no plans to defect. Much less to the Cult of the Trifold Eye. But I consider myself an enemy of them no more than any other ills of this existence." Momoka sighs, taking a few moments to chew over another bite of her potatoes.

"...but I cannot stop you from following me, any more than you could stop me from going." She leaves it at that, letting Setsurou respond as she takes the last few nibbles of her portion.

(Engineering HQ - The Arena)

Waltz shakes his head. "...Captain Takenaka has a flair for the dramatic. But she is fighting an aspect of herself to gain greater control over her power." Simplistic, but true.


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Taking a moment to reload, Chouko grabs some kind of small bead-type object and tosses it behind another stone. Then another few. As she calls out to Sakadatsu, it sounds like her voice is coming from several locations at once, the beads functioning as receivers to her still-active communicator. "C'mon, man, I know that's not it. Don't disappoint me, now!"

Then the rock she's hiding behind is ripped apart as Sakadatsu suddenly barrels through it. But there's something different about him; that being that most of his face is now covered in a faceplate of matching brass to his arms. Many such plates have cropped up over his body, serving as some manner of armor. Chouko has all of less than a second to look shocked before the baboon-ape picks her up and slams her on the ground a few times with a few painful-sounding cracks before throwing her through a rock. He wastes no time in gloating or mocking, leaping after her with all of his ferocity.

But just as he's jumping, the engineer slides underneath him on rocket-propelled legs, arms pointed upward and firing two rockets into his gut for the trouble. The projectiles hit him square on, and while they don't rip him apart, they do send his trajectory off balance, and he rolls near the end of the arena with a bloodied and burnt chest, taking a moment to recover before charging again.

Chouko, for her part, lets the rocket boost go, and spins back into a standing position and charges at him with machine-gun fire. The spirit doesn't mind it one bit except for the fact that a good few hit his faceplate, blinding him for precious few seconds as they near each other.

Sakadatsu aims a brutal punch at Chouko's torso as she vaults up. The blow wings her, but a rocket burst keeps her from going off course as she jumps back on Sakadatsu's back and tears another bit of muscle and metal from his right fore arm... and deflecting the telltale tail jab with her other hand before vaulting off. "You're all force, pal! And I'm onto you!" She lands with a slight grin... before a sudden ape-sized gauntlet comes at her head from nowhere, sending her sprawling to the ground.