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    Momoka nods solemnly as Setsurou mentions the possibility of her death, but allows him to finish. Her expression is level as she listens... but every mention of his love causes her to flinch very slightly. Not out of rejection, of course. But as ever, Setsurou gets the sense she is not telling him something. And that perhaps, she is doing so because the feeling is reciprocated.

    But before she can regain her composure to respond, Setsurou brings out the stew and mushrooms, eliciting a tired smile from her as she sips experimentally on the stew. Once again, she is impressed enough that it is visible, and her smile grows into something approaching a normal person's expression of happiness. With a bite of mushroom, it seems like Momoka is quite taken by it after all. "Where ever did you learn to cook like this?" She gives a slight chuckle.

    "...and yes, I believe I will partake." Sipping the wine and enjoying the stew, she sits back to eagerly (for her) await the harrowing tale of his culinary adventures.

    (Engineering HQ - THE ARENA)

    "...well, that would be up to her, of course. I find it unlikely immediately after the fact." He doesn't entirely shoot him down. "...nonetheless, Sir, you do not seem to be in our personnel database. Would you care to explain what you are doing here?"
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