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    "I'll hold you to that." He notes about her wishes to see it. "We'll always have the chance as long as we're alive, right?"

    Her teasing question is hardly missed. But she left herself wide open there.

    "That would be telling now, wouldn't it? But no, if I intended to be less than a gentleman, there was ample opportunity for it. I cooked your food, after all." He teases back. As she's finished with her portion, the man stands up and goes to kneel behind her.

    His hands reach for her shoulders. They're warm. Gentle.

    They're massaging her shoulderblades and the nape of her neck, if she lets him.

    "Tonight, I seek only to see you happy. And I have perhaps one small request of you."


    Well, Ryouma's arms WERE getting tired.

    "I guess. You know anywhere I could get good booze to watch this fight?"
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    This one's new.

    I met a girl with a really pensive look. I walk up to her, put a fifty cent coin in her hand, "For your thoughts. I know the going rate is supposed to be one, but I figure you play hardball."

    She gave it back, "Keep it. Pretty sure a guy with your charm can find a way to have them for free anyway."