[Soul Society]
(Kobayashi Household)

Momoka flinches a bit at the contact, but doesn't attempt to escape, at least. Her muscles do relax a bit after a few moments, but she's still holding onto her composure. "...and what would that be?" Simple, and forward!

(Engineering HQ - The Arena)

Waltz points over to one of the empty labs. "Fukui has a stash hidden in his desk. Do try not to make a mess."


Chouko's arms bend to push herself up again, eliciting an irritable growl from Sakadatsu. Before he can speak, however, Chouko spits and calls out. "...seriously man, cut the ****. You know I won't quit. If anything you're acting like an idiot if you really want me to stop, because you could be beating my ass while I'm down. At least part of you wants to face me and see what I'm made of." She cracks her neck as she rises, taking up another ready stance.

"So let's do this." Sakadatsu bears his teeth again... but something about this time seems more like some kind of grin. Rearing up onto his hind legs, he swings his gauntlets forward, Chouko dodging with rolls, jumps and vaults over the gauntlets. One of her hands glows, while the other is used to deflect the trajectory of the gauntlets.

With every round, Chouko does her best to dodge the assault, and with her mind focused entirely on that she manages quite well.

"...charging up some final weapon?" Sakadatsu continues the attack relentlessly from a distance. "You should know by now, it's... USELESS!" With a smash, Chouko is once again caught under a gauntlet, and hits the ground. The gauntlets float back to the ape...

"Hado #55: Chain Lightning!" It appears the hit was a bluff, as a thick bolt of lightning launches from Chouko's outstretched hand, hitting one gauntlet... then splitting to hit two more. Then arcing back to the original gauntlet even as the bolts multiply and feed back into each other, their composition proving an effective conductor for the kido... before they hit Sakadatsu with a vengeance, the ape's muscles spasming as the loop continues, his own metallic arms helping the process along, even as his fur burns away and his muscles are fried.

One after one, the gauntlets melt, explode, and fall apart as the hado runs its course, all the while Chouko recovering, keeping her distance and keeping grounded to avoid being a target. After the energy finally dissipates, Sakadatsu collapses, breathing raggedly. Chouko finally stands again, grinning. "...I told you. You really talk too much, man. Now get up and lets finish this. I think I owe you one free pass for you getting up off your ass."