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    [Kobayashi Household]

    The man's delicate ministrations transition smoothly into a chaste yet intimate embrace from behind. His arms close above her shoulders, his hands seeking to grasp hers. Being quite a bit taller, Setsurou has all the reach he needs.

    He whispers into her ear, careful not to tighten the embrace too much.

    "For all that is, was, and could be.

    Won't you let me hold you in my arms tonight?"


    [The stage - climbing up, or down, as the case may be]

    "I can't promise you anything, but I'll try not to drink the whole stash."

    With that, he simply relinquishes his grip on the wall and freefalls to the ground, making a loud, crashing noise as he does, but looking no worse for the wear for it.

    Someone wasn't taught how to airwalk.
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    This one's new.

    I met a girl with a really pensive look. I walk up to her, put a fifty cent coin in her hand, "For your thoughts. I know the going rate is supposed to be one, but I figure you play hardball."

    She gave it back, "Keep it. Pretty sure a guy with your charm can find a way to have them for free anyway."