[Soul Society]
(Kobayashi Household)

Momoka closes her eyes, breathing slowly to gain control of her unmistakably rapid heartbeat. For several minutes she is silent. "...I have no doubt you would not allow me to assist you in cleaning up. So I will retire. And if you should join me, then I won't object." Her hand brushes over Setsurou's arm with care before she moves to stand up and head to the bedroom.

Inside, she unfolds her futon and slips under the covers, holding a fist over her chest.

(Engineering HQ - The Arena)

Sakadatsu takes a few stuttering, spastic attempts to stand before finally succeeding, his fur and flesh gone in thick patches, revealing a brass skeleton underneath, where it is not charred beyond recognition. His right forward arm and left rear arm hang uselessly by his side... before he forcefully tears them out, using his left to tear off his secondary right and then fit it back in to the forward socket. Instead of blood, a thick, oily substance drips from the wounds. With this procedure finished, he takes a few steps forward, empty eye sockets facing towards Chouko. "...perhaps I was wrong. But your victory won't be on your shoulders alone, you cannot fool me."

Chouko gives a laugh. "...so you recognized that, yeah? Koutetsu won't let me live it down. But I guess I was wrong too, I can't just walk my own path. I've gotta forge a path for my allies to follow. I'm not alone, but it's on me to lead my crew to greatness."

"...then let's finish this act, and move onto the next, Captain." Sakadatsu clenches his fists and tenses his legs as Chouko prepares for the leap, her right metallic hand glowing again, humming with energy.

With a final savage roar, Sakadatsu leaps, bringing his fists up to slam down on Chouko. But he doesn't get that far as a burst of pure thunderous sound erupts outward, sending cracks through glass objects for hundreds of feet around the arena, perhaps even shattering them. Maybe even the bottle of whiskey Ryouma finds in Fukui's office.

The sound is condensed into a concussive force directed from Chouko's hand, hitting Sakadatsu square in the head like a massive fist, traveling for miles before dissipating, a crack not unlike thunder resonating even further. As the sound dies down, there's a powerful thump as Sakadatsu's body falls to the ground, falling apart piece by mechanical piece.

Chouko herself... well, the arm she used for that wondrous final attack has been blasted off in pieces, and the ringing in her ears is deafening. "$$#@ &##@." She can't even hear her own words. Nor the final words of Sakadatsu as his jaws move before disconnecting and rapidly rusting into nothing, along with the rest of him. The only signs that he was even ever there being his impact on the arena around him.

Chouko... laughs. She can't hear herself doing so, but falling backward from exhaustion, she breaks into a full-blown hysterical laughing fit.

She won.