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    [The Kobayashi household]

    It doesn't take long for the door to her bedroom to slide open. When it does, Setsurou is clad in a much more comfortable-looking kimono than he was as he served dinner. He even prepared for her positive response.

    To be perfectly honest, that was the only response he prepared for.

    He slid under the covers in such a way that she'd think a cat snuck in. Looking towards her smaller, fragile and definitely very scared and vulnerable form, he reached out for her face.

    The sound from his lips was barely above a whisper. But with how fast her heart was beating, it probably felt loud.


    And then his lips locked with hers in blissful, patient silence.


    Ryouma hadn't made it that far yet, but there was a chance he would be pissed to find liquor wasted.

    In which case he'd make Waltz locate another source of booze for him.
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    This one's new.

    I met a girl with a really pensive look. I walk up to her, put a fifty cent coin in her hand, "For your thoughts. I know the going rate is supposed to be one, but I figure you play hardball."

    She gave it back, "Keep it. Pretty sure a guy with your charm can find a way to have them for free anyway."