Just wanted to note that we just made an overhaul to the hoard section(s), with more likely to be added soon.

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As for incentivizing the growth of the signature legacy of a dragon maybe unlike other legacies you cannot raise it directly. Instead it's growth is dependant on the highest level general legacy you possess. This allows a player to build how they want while their signature powers grow independent of their choices.
That's actually a really interesting idea. I don't know if we'd have it work exactly like that but it would be kinda neat.

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So, the issue that I'm having right now with this is that I'm a mechanics guy and right now a lot of the crunchy bits are pretty incomplete. I'd like to see these get done asap, because that's going to give me the best idea of what its actually like to be a dragon in this game.
Yeah, there are a lot of legacy mechanics missing. We set ourselves up for that one, honestly, given just how many auxiliary legacies there are. But hey, there's a lot of abilities associated with dragons to model, right?

But no worries, we're chugging along with them! Should be able to get a few fully fleshed out this week.