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Posted a reply while you were replying by the way. Anyways, have you figured out how to adjust rapid healig and say , make it distinct from werewolfs healing rules?
Might I suggest that you spend will power to regrenate wounds based on legacy rating?combine with some fastish but not over the top rapid healing. Mayhe 30 minutes per lethal. I mean werewolf healimg is insane but they don't get as many health dots

also about the poison? It seem a little odd but why don't ypu just say it gives the pooisoned conditioon but has some slight differences?

also I didnt check far but have you considered an apply firearms defense effect?
The Poison of Fafnir rules are basically identical to the existing poison rules, I just thought it would be best to spell it all out explicitly. Especially since the existing rules cover such a wide variety of possibilities. (I know I would really like to find some specific examples of poisons to compare against.) And just applying the Poisoned tilt in combat doesn't quite sit right with me, since it would work the same regardless of the legacy's dot rating.

As for healing, it will definitely be different from Werewolf healing. Currently, the best healing that dragons have access to costs 2 WP to give them basic wolf healing for a scene. And that's a 4 dot auxiliary. We'll probably make Hydra healing more potent than Zaltys healing, at the cost of only being able to use it on themselves.

Defense against firearms isn't something we've considered much, since dragons are archetypically more about withstanding the damage than avoiding it. Though there is already a Hide of Iron auxiliary (Kevlar Skin) that gives their armor a ballistic rating, and one of the Hydra auxiliaries could be to make all firearms and similar damage bashing. (like vampires)

As for healing rapidly, it will be fairly different from Werewolf healing.
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I would consider giving Hydras an extra dot of health per rank over and above what they get from their size increases.

I'm at work right now, but when I get home I plan on trying to make a character. I'm thinking a Drake Nagaraja with some points in Breath of the Inferno and Hide of Iron. So if you could focus on getting those done, I'd appreciate it
By all means, go ahead and do so, and let us know what you come up with. As for the legacies, I believe those are the most complete ones. Hide of Iron, at least, only has 2 auxiliaries without full mechanics, and 1 of those is fairly self-explanatory.