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I suppose but I do think it needs adjusting because dragons can invest in the toughness discipline too easily. I suppose that might be fine is given anti armor is a thing.
Such a shame though about the composure thing. Kinda would have liked there to be more... stuff, more legacies of some sort.
And as of this version, any Mage worth the name runs around with 3 or more armor up at all times.
Based on our experience with armor powers in other games, it feels balanced. There's a Sin-Eater in one of our games who runs around with 9 armor. 5 is nothing all that special.

Anyways I might have missed this but are there any particular banes or key weaknesses inherit to being a dragon aside from say increased size.
Slayers. Any attack made by a slayer that uses a weapon deals Agg damage, as fate guides their strikes into the most damaging possible spot. The Drakonis form also makes it a lot easier to create slayers in the first place.
If you're not a slayer, you have to whittle through their health like anyone else. Unless you're dealing with a Tiamat in their spirit form; those guys have bans and banes like any other ephemeral being.