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    Default Re: [3.x/PF] GitP Regulars as Playable Races!

    Quote Originally Posted by stack View Post
    Stack hereby grants permission, along with the privileges and duties attendant to it.

    Elric has already been done, and done well, but I see Psybomb is up...have to give it a think.
    Well, there isn't a rule against making more than one race, so I'll do you as well. That came out a little wrong.

    The Aktschians

    Spoiler: Backstory: The Aktschians
    Once, there was a race of elves that lived in a region, known at the time as the Forest of Aktsch (pronounced Ak-t-sh), who were brilliant architects, designers, people of learning.

    They discovered a strange magic that binds soul energy to one or another, usually to magically increase their power. However, this magic was abused by one ruler, known only now as the Shadow Lord of Aktsch. He trapped his own people, experimented on them, stole their souls and bound them to others in an attempt to secure for himself immortality.

    He failed. But in his experiments, he tainted the forest in which he lived with soul energy, and over the years it and shadows laid claim to the Aktschian natives, making them what they are today.

    Spoiler: Racial Traits
    • +2 Int, +2 Con, -2 Wis: The tainted magic that affected the natives of Aktsch has left them hardy survivors and intelligent creatures. However, the dark magics have also eroded their sense of judgement, somewhat.
    • +2 Racial bonus on Concentration and Survival checks: The Aktsch have become adept at surviving in their forests, and are uncannily capable of long term concentration. An Aktsch's thousand-yard-stare has long since fueled the nightmares of their prey.
    • Shadow Brand (Su): Aktsch's souls are forever bound to the forest they call home. When they die, their souls do not pass on to an afterlife, regardless of who they are or what they have done in their lives. Their body may fall, but saint or sinner, they return to Aktsch. This means that they cannot be resurrected with anything short of True Resurrection or Wish, unless the spell is cast on their body while it is within the forest of Aktsch. Also, resurrection spells cast there on an Aktschian are treated as having +1 CL for all purposes related to the spell.
    • Blood Totem (Su): Aktsch can bind bits of their soul into animals native to their forest. These animals are therein referred to as the Aktschian's 'Blood Totem', and are loyal to the Aktschian. An unwilling animal (as all the most powerful ones are) must succeed on a Fortitude Save equal to 10 + 1/2 the Aktschian's class level + the Aktschian's Constitution modifier. This is a mind-affecting abiltiy. Treat the animal, for all intents and purposes, as being Charmed, without a duration. An Aktschian can only have one Blood Totem at a time.
    • Humanoid (Elf, Aktschian): Aktschian are strange creatures, but they are still descendents of the Elves of old.
    • Favored Class: I don't do this on principle. However, if anyone else would like to come up with pathfinder-style Favored Class options, be our guest.
    • Level Adjustment: +0

    Spoiler: The Naming of the Race
    First five letters are an anagram. This race is designed with mostly incarnum in mind.
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