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    The following Rock Hurling and Improved Rock Hurling feats are an homebrewed rebuild of the original feats presented in Races of Stone. Every time a part of this post refers to Rock Hurling or Improved Rock Hurling it refers to these new versions and not to the original one.

    Rock Hurling [General]

    You throw rocks at your enemies just like a giant does.
    Small size or larger, STR 17.
    You gain proficiency fo using large rocks as ranged weapon. You can hurl them with a range increment of 15 feet and a maximum range of five range increments. The size, weight and damage dealt by the rocks you can throw are determined by your size.
    Small - Diminutive rock (0.5 lb) - 1d6+Str.
    Medium - Tiny (5 lb.) - 1d8+Str.
    Large - Small (45 lb.) - 2d6 +Str.
    Normal: As an improvised weapon, a character can throw rocks two size smaller than its own with a range increment of 5 feet, and such a rock can be thrown only as a full-round action. A character without the Rock Hurling feat is considered to be nonproficient, taking a -4 penalty on the attack roll.

    Improved Rock Hurling [General]

    After hard training you can now throw bigger stones, or small stones further.
    Small size or larger, STR 19, Rock Hurling or similar special attacks
    When you hurl rocks, you can choose either to throw bigger stones either to hurl the stones fit for your size at further range. In the first case, you can hurl stones as you were one size larger at a 15 ft increment (a Medium character could hurl Small rocks dealing 2d6+Str damage). In the second case, you can hurl the stones fit for your size (as set by Rock Hurling feat) at 80 ft. range increment. In both cases maximum range is equal to five range increments.
    Normal: A character can only throw rocks that are two size smaller that its own.

    Master Rock Launcher [General]

    You have learned how to apply all your strenght while hurling rocks, becoming way more deadly.
    Small size or larger, STR 21, Rock Hurling or similar special attacks, Improved Rock Hurling.
    When you hurl rocks you apply twice your Strenght modifier to damage rolls. You also add your Strenght modifier as a competence bonus to rolls to confirm critical threats scored with an hurled rock.

    Living Trebuchet [Style]

    You are more than a warrior, you are a siege weapon, and you can hurl your stones at a great distance.
    Prerequisite: STR 19, Rock Hurling or similar special attacks, Improved Rock Hurling, Brutal Throw, Power Throw.
    Benefit: When hurling rocks you can use your Power Throw feat to take a -5 penalty on the attack roll and forgo the usual bonus on the damage roll. Instead, the range increment of your rocks is doubled and the maximum range is six times the augmented range increment. A typical creature with Improved Rock Hurling and that uses Living Trabuchet suffers a -5 penalty on the attack roll but can hurl rocks at a range increment of 160 ft. with a maximum of 960 ft.

    Explosive Boulder [Style]
    The expertise gained using alchemist’s fire and similar substances taught you the way to convert your stones into explosive weapons.
    Prerequisite: STR 21, Rock Hurling or similar special attacks, Improved Rock Hurling, Grenadier.
    Benefit: When you hurl rocks you can decide to target a square instead of a creature. When you do this, treat the rock like a spash weapon. The thrown boulder crashes upon impact, exploding into hundred of pieces and doing its usual damage (also applying your Strenght modifier) in a 5 ft. radius. To explode rocks need to hit hard surfaces: solid ground, stone, iron, thick ice are all suitable material to cause the rock to explode. A rock won’t explode while hitting sand, water, thin ice or mud, neither it will explode upon hitting a creature.

    Friendship Gives Wings [Tactical]
    Master of tactics on the battlegroung, you know how to help your allies move around without harm.
    Prerequisite: Large size or greater, Rock Hurling, Fling Ally, Str. 19.
    Benefit: Friendship Gives Wings enables the use of three tactical maneuver.
    Fling on the Run: To use this maneuver you must ready an action that is triggered by the movement of the ally you want to fling. The selected ally must take a move action and end its movement in a square adjacent to you. At the end of its move action you can use your readied action to take your ally and toss it, like per Fling ally feat. The momentum of your ally’s movement allows you to hurl it at twice the normal range. After being hurled, your ally can continue its turn. Normal size restriction for flinging an ally still apply.
    Chain Flinging: To use this maneuver you must fling an ally. Instaed of targeting a square you must target (with a ranged touch attack) another ally that also has Fling ally feat. If you succeed on the ranged touch attack, the tossed ally ends in the square of the selected ally that can use its Fling Ally feat as an immediate action to launch the ally again to a further square or even to another ally (if it also has Friendship Gives Wings).
    Human Projectile: To use this maneuver you must fling an ally wielding a weapon that allows to deal double damage on a charge (such as the horned helm, Races of Faerun, p.156). If you successfully fling that ally to a square adjacent to an enemy, your ally can make an attack of opportunity against that enemy gaining a +2 bonus on the attack roll and dealing triple damage on a successfull attack.

    An Enemy, a Weapon. [Tactical]

    To you an held enemy is more then a disabled foe: its a weapon ready to be thrown at its clueless fellows.
    Prerequisite: Large size or greater, Rock Hurling, Fling Enemy, Str. 19.
    Benefit: An Enemy, a Weapon enables the use of three tactical maneuver: each one requires you to be able to hurl the enemy you are holding (like explained in Fling Enemy feat) to a square occupied by another enemy.
    Splat Enemy. To use this maneuver you must fling the enemy you held to the square occupied by a foe that is at least one size smaller. If you manage to reach such a distance the enemy in the occupied square is squashed by your hurled foe, suffering 1d8 damage for every size they differ, plus your Strenght modifier. Both the hurled enemy and the hit one must make a Reflex save (10+1/2 your character level+your Str. modifier) or be prone.
    Foes Carom. To use this maneuver you must fling the enemy you held to the square occupied by a foe of the same size. If you manage to reach such a distance, you can make a bull rush attempt on the enemy in the occupied square. If you have Improved Rock Hurling feat you receive a +2 bonus on your Strenght check, and you also receive a cumulative +2 bonus if you have Master Rock Launcher. Determine the result of the bull rush as usual: if you succeed the hurled foe ends, prone, in the square occupied by the pushed enemy and the latter is moved into the new position determined by the result of the bull rush.
    Forced Headbutt. To use this maneuver you must fling the enemy you held to the square occupied by a foe who is at least one size larger. If you succeed, you force both the hurled and the “receiving” enemies to slam their heads together. As a result, both the enemies must make a Fortitude save (10+1/2 your character level+your Str. modifier) or be stunned for one round. Then the hurled enemy ends prone in a random square adjacent to your target.


    Peak Warden.
    Rangers are famous for their combat mastery either fighting with twin weapons or attacking an enemy from the distance. Some of them, expecially those born in mountain village, have learnt to rely on the unusual weapons provided by their stony enviroment to fight their enemy.
    Level: 2nd
    Replaces: Combat Style class feature (and further improvements)
    Benefit: Instead of specializing on archery or two weapon fighting, the ranger focuses his training in the brutal art of rock throwing. At 2nd level, instead of gaining one of the bonus feats provided by Combat Style you gain Rock Hurling. At 6th level, when you would gain Improved Combat Style you gain Improved Rock Hurling instead. At 11th level, when you would gain Combat Style Mastery you gain Master Rock Launcher instead.
    You do not need to meet the prerequisite for those feats.

    Titanic Fury
    While most barbarians get widespread benefits from their enraged combat style, improving both their strenght and their physical and mental endurance. Some barbarians, though, prefer to focus their wrath to enhance only their brawn becoming, in the process, bulky and similar to a giant.
    Level: 1st.
    Replaces: Rage class feature(and further improvements)
    Benefit: Starting at 1st level, a barbarian can fly into an enraged state called Titanic Fury. While in this state, the barbarian gains a +4 bonus to Strenght, the Powerful build trait and Rock throwing special attack. He also takes a —2 penalty to Armor Class. A fit of Titanic Fury lasts for a number of rounds equal to 3 + the character’s Constitution modifier. A barbarian may prematurely end his rage. At the end of the fury, the barbarian loses the fury modifiers and restrictions (the same that apply to standard rage) and becomes fatigued (-2 penalty to Strength, -2 penalty to Dexterity, can’t charge or run) for the duration of the current encounter (unless he is a 17th level barbarian, at which point this limitation no longer applies). A barbarian can fly into a Titanic Fury only once per encounter. At 1st level he can use his rage ability once per day. At 4th level and every four levels thereafter, he can use it one additional time per day (to a maximum of six times per day at 20th level). Entering a fury takes no time itself, but a barbarian can do it only during his action, not in response to someone else’s action.
    At 11th level, when he would gain Greater Rage, it gains Grater Titanic Fury instead: while using Titanic Fury the barbarian gains an additional +4 bonus to Strenght, with a total of +8.
    At 20th level, when he would gain Mighty Rage, it gains Mighty Titanic Fury instead: while using Titanic Fury the barbarian gains an additional +4 bonus to Strenght, with a total of +12 and you gain Improved Powerful Build. With this feature his size actually improves by one step and he anso have Powerful Build. For example, a 20th level gnome barbarian using Mighty Titanic Fury would grow to Medium size and count as Large whenever it is advantageous to him.

    Savage Warmaster.

    Every warrior is engaged in a constant struggle to be up to date. Knowing and owning the newest weapon, the latest discovered material, acquiring items made from the most famous artisans are necessary operations when your life relies on the quality of the equipment you use. Some warrior, though, try to look back at the origin of warfare and learn using primitive, old fashoned but alway effective weapons.
    Classes: Fighter, Swordsage, Crusader, Warblade.
    Level: 1st.
    Replaces: Some Weapon proficiencies.
    Benefit: At 1st level, you select three martial weapon (both melee or ranged) you are proficient with: you are no longer proficient with those weapon. To replace those profieciencies, select three weapons from the following list: bolas°, harpoon*, goad*, iuak*, ritiiks* sugliin*, tigerskull club*, throwing rock (as per Rock Hurling feat). You are now proficient with the selected weapon.

    *: weapons taken from Frostburn.
    °: weapons taken from Players Handbook.


    Gloves of the Rock Hurler.
    Price: 30.000 gp.
    Body Slot: Hands
    Caster Level: 9th
    Aura: Moderate, (CD 19), Transmutation, Conjuration (summoning).
    Activation: Standard action (command) and free action (mental).
    Weight: 1 lb.

    These gloves are made of sturdy leather and always seem covered in dirt and encrusted with small stones.

    The Gloves of the Rock Hurler are the favourite tools of those warriors that has the strenght to wreck havoc in battle by throwing huge stones at the enemy. As a standard action, the wearer can touch a piece of raw, non-magical stone: as it does it and utter the command word the stone starts flowing like water and it’s sucked in an extradimensional space inside the gloves. With each touch the gloves can collect up to 10 cu. ft of stone (1500 lbs), which also is the gloves’ maximum capacity. The gloves weight remains unchanged.
    Any time during the day, the wearer of the Gloves can spend a free action to call in his hand a portion of that stone, creating a boulder that can be hurled with Rock Hurling or similar feats and abilities. A fully loaded set of gloves can provide the typical rock-throwing large-sized creature with 33 boulders, weighting 45 lbs. each.
    These gloves can be magical enhanced like standard ranged weapons. Every throwing rock created by the gloves has the enhancement put on the gloves. For example a pair of gloves enhanced as +1 frost burst weapons will create +1 frost burst throwing rocks.

    Prerequisite: Craft Wondrous Items, Stone shape, Leomund’s Secret Chest.
    Cost to create: 15,000 gp, 1200 exp, 30 days.