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    Default Re: [3.x/PF] GitP Regulars as Playable Races!

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    You've been sitting around since the first page of the thread, so I'll stat you. I'll edit this post for when I finish the race. Have no fear, Atemu is here! (dear god, that actually wasn't the worst rhyme I've ever made)

    Let me know if anyone has a problem with me statting more than one or two.

    And here it is:


    Spoiler: Backstory
    The Illvenites were a race born of the pages of a book, unlike any other that has ever existed.

    They were once simple characters, the product of the mind of a mad artist, whose name is now lost to time. He drew a world of his own, drawing inspiration from none but the very key ideals of his own mind. This drew the attention of the gods of madness and the gods of beauty, for his work was nothing if not beautiful.

    He drew for years, stopping barely to eat, sleep or drink, talking to none, keeping no company but his work. And so, upon his deathbed, he intoned the name of the Goddess Irashiel, who took pity upon him, and with a kiss departed with his soul to the afterlife. But the story does not end here.

    One does not sacrifice their mortal life to art without cause. Some spark, perhaps madness, perhaps beauty, perhaps life itself, survived in his works. From his pages crawled the first Illvenites, as they called themselves. First only a few came forth, but they were indeed beautiful, and soon, more sprang forth from his art, each helping another through until all that was left of the Mad Artist's work was blank canvas.

    Spoiler: Appearance
    The Illvenites are akin to art in form, given flesh and life. They are almost human, almost elfin, and still many other things have been seen. Their eyes are slightly larger than usual, their skin fairer, and their bodies taller and thinner. Their hair varies far more in color than a human, from white to black to green to purple, and in far more shades with each generation as opposed to the last. They are described quite often as 'inhumanly' beautiful.

    Spoiler: Racial Traits
    • +2 Intelligence, +2 Charisma, -2 Wisdom: Illvenites are beautiful and insightful, but many lack foresight in their own right. They can often see through a puzzle with remarkable clarity, but they have difficulty grasping everyday life and its foibles.
    • Illvenites gain two bonus languages at first level, as if from a high intelligence score; Illvenites are greatly skilled linguists. Despite being descended from art, all manner of performances are far from alien to them.
    • Illvenites gain a +2 racial bonus on Perform skills, and Perform is always a class skill for them. Being born of art makes one naturally inclined towards the arts.
    • Illvenites are proficient with rapiers and daggers. They have a natural talent for these weapons.
    • Mysterious Life (Su): Illvenites see life as filled with mystery. They gain a +2 bonus on saves made to disbelieve an illusion.
    • Spell-Like Abilities (Sp): 1/day: Charm Person, 3/day: Prestidigitation, Summon Instrument. Illvenites have a caster level for these spell-like abilities akin to a bard of their level.
    • Humanoid (Illvenite): Illvenites, despite their unique creation, are humanoids.
    • Base Land Speed is 30 ft.
    • Favored Class: If it needs one, let it be bard. For the love of the gods, let it be bard.
    • Level Adjustment: +0.

    Any thoughts, Playground?

    It might need a level adjustment.
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