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    Default Re: [3.x/PF] GitP Regulars as Playable Races!

    Quote Originally Posted by Elricaltovilla View Post
    Sure, I give permission. These are always pretty fun.

    I'll have something for someone up a little later today.
    Alright, you're next up on the list.

    When I'm done with all the ones who already asked and haven't received, I'll go back and try the ones who have.

    This post will be edited when I'm done.

    And here we go.


    Spoiler: Backstory
    Vollaen are the children of dragons. Centuries ago, deep underground, a race of subterranean humans known as the V'ol were enslaved by a group of black dragons. These black dragons made cruel experiments on their slaves, producing much death, great destruction, and by the end of the dragons' rule the Vollaen were born. Nothing created of that much chaos and death is ever innocent, and the Vollaen are no exception. The death of their masters led to them expanding outwards, eventually leaving the underdark and finding their way to the surface. Though at first they were only a few hundred in number, they banded together and through strength of arms, culled themselves a place in the world. However, a coalition of nations managed to defeat them, and as such, they were broken up and separated, and are now a part of other nations. That war, which took place so many centuries ago, is all but forgotten, save by the scholars and the dead. The Vollaen face prejuidice not for their role in that conflict, but for their dragon heritage. Many Vollaen dislike humans, ironically, despite their own humanity.

    Spoiler: Appearance
    Vollaen look, for the most part, human. However, they all have ebony-black, shiny hair. They are all pale, strong, yet thin. Many describe them as lithe. They possess none of their dragon ancestors' magical abilities, but magic is an aptitude for many of them. Another key difference is that their nails always grow black and sharp, not enough for actual combat, but enough to be noticeable.

    Spoiler: Racial Traits
    • +2 Charisma: Vollaen trade humans' skillful aptitude for increased personality and powerful emotions. Many are also considered beautiful, though neither humanity nor the Vollaen would ever admit that about the other.
    • Humanoid (Human, Dragonblood): Vollaen are human, despite their many protests to the contrary. A child between a human, rare though it is for social reasons, stands a fifty percent chance of being a Vollaen or a human.
    • Bonus Feat: Vollaen gain a bonus feat at first level. They share some of their forebearer's aptitude for discovery.
    • Favored Class: Sorcerer. They also possess the ability to gain a second favored class, as a human would select their first.
    • Level Adjustment: +0

    I like this one. It turned out well. I still think it might be weaker than Silverbrow humans, though.
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