[Soul Society]
(Kobayashi Household)

A soft, lovely feminine voice sings a quiet lullaby.

Momoka is young, looking no older than 6 or 7. She's suffering from a fever, after all she was always quite sickly. A warm towel over her head, the barely recognizable woman cares for her, sharing her snowy pale complexion and black hair. She almost seems like a guardian angel.

No words are spoken. Just that soothing song.

The surroundings are... ill-lit, almost making the woman seem brighter. But it is a large bedroom, with cold, if high-quality wooden floors. And her robe and bedding are of the finest silk.

One of the windows slide open...

Momoka's eyes open suddenly, as opposed to gradually. And almost immediately, she pushes away from Setsurou, sitting up and breathing quickly before applying her inhaler. Even as her breathing comes under control, though, she doesn't look back to Setsurou.

"...I suppose the answer to that query is obvious. But please do not press me." She runs a hand through her hair as she calms down.