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    Default Re: [3.x/PF] GitP Regulars as Playable Races!

    Sorry to get back on topic but I was fianlly able to find the time to make a race! :)

    This one is for you Deadline - I hope you like it?

    Name: Deathspline
    Spoiler: History
    Long ago a tribe of devils was banished from their home realm by a rival tribe. The ousted tribe bounced through Limbo, staying together only by sheer force of will. After a seeming eternity, the devils were thrust into the plane of Mechanus. The abruptness of their arrival and the chaotic taint that had suffused them while in Limbo was enough to shatter an entire gear before they were stopped.

    As punishment for their transgression, the devils were transformed and tasked with the protection and repair of the gears. Over the millennia, this new species became known as Deathsplines.

    Alignment: Deathsplines are always Lawful and tend to lean towards LN.
    Spoiler: Relations
    Deathsplines are creatures of logic and balance. They often have difficulty understanding irrational and impulsive behaviours of other races. Their appearance makes them outsiders wherever they go despite their willingness to accept others for who they are. Deathsplines are not repulsed by those of other alignments as they know that all things require balance.

    Spoiler: Society
    Deathsplines tend to be a close knit community devoted to their ongoing mission of protection and repair. Members of their community have assigned roles based on their particular nature and strengths.

    Spoiler: Adventurers
    Occasionally it is necessary for a Deathspline to chase an intruder to another realm in order to prosecute them. Deathsplines occasionally leave Mechanus by order of a deity in order to obtain knowledge to be shared among their community upon their return. In some rare cases, a Deathspline has been kidnapped in order to make use of their mechanical aptitude and their ability to reason logically.
    It is rare for a Deathspline to leave Mechanus without a strong logical reason.

    Spoiler: Appearance
    Deathsplines are unique in appearance as the experiences of their ancestors infused their being with pure chaos and absolute law. The result is a somewhat comical looking being unlike any other.

    Deathsplines are cubes that when born are only a few inches across but will vary between three and four feet across in adulthood. They are possessed of deceptively spindly arms and legs and a pair of draconic wings. Their limbs and wings are always proportional to their body using the universal constant of phi (the golden number). They possess devil-like feet and have angel-like hands.

    Five sides of their body are covered in various arcane runes with the sixth side (opposite the wings) bearing a two dimensional face. This face functions as a normal face complete with a functional mouth, eyes and nose but is restricted to the plane of cube face. The runes and facial features are always in black (unless their body is black and then they are a strange pale blue); they can be any colour but their wings will always be the exact opposite of their body.

    Racial Ability modifiers: +1 Strength, +2 Constitution, +1 Intelligence, -2 Charisma. While Deathsplines may be stronger, hardier and more logical than others, their unique appearance makes social situations among other races somewhat disconcerting.
    Type: Lawful Outsider
    Size: Medium
    Base Speed: 30
    Languages: Abyssal, Common, Deathsplines with a high Intelligence score may choose any language (except secret languages) as bonus languages.
    Spoiler: Racial Traits
    • Fly Speed (Ex): Deathsplines with less than 6 hit dice have a natural fly speed of 30 ft. with average manoeuvrability. Deathsplines with 6 or more hit dice have a natural fly speed of 40 ft., with good manoeuvrability.
    • Deathsplines have a +5 racial bonus to jump and balance checks thanks to years of jumping from gear to gear in Mechanus and working on the constantly moving gear faces.
    • Deathsplines have a +2 racial bonus to all rolls involving dismantling or repairing mechanical objects. This works on Disable device, open lock, the repair spell when used on a machine or Warforged etc.
    • Tainted by Limbo: Deathsplines can channel the taint left in their beings to overcome their lawful nature for brief periods. Deathsplines are able to enter a Barbarian Rage 1/every 5 HD. This rage follows the same rules as a Barbarian’s rage ability.
    • Gravitational Expert: Due to the constantly changing direction of gravity in Mechanus, Deathsplines have developed the ability to alter the direction of gravity as it affects them. Once per day as a SLA, a Deathspline with 10 or more HD is able to change the perceived direction of gravity as it affects themselves (and only themselves) for a period of 1d6 minutes (or 1d4 rounds of combat).

    Favoured Class: Artificer
    Level Adjustment: +2

    Not too sure about the LA and I was going to add more racial traits but that the LA would definately need to go up...
    Let me know what you think :)
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