A race for Lord_Gareth. Hope you like it.

Name: Garetines
Spoiler: History

The Garetines are a race devoted to innovation and invention. Born originally from a settlement of elves that bordered the faerie kingdoms, the infectious curiosity of the fey lives on in this new race. The exact nature of their origins is a carefully guarded secret, but it is whispered that there exists a transformative ritual through which outsiders may become Garetines themselves.

Spoiler: Appearance

The Garetines appear at quick glance to be elves, but with some unknown characteristic. Upon closer investigation, the whites of the Garetine's eyes can be seen to emit a slight glow, and their hair colors are often vibrant and varied. Their ears appear longer and more pointed than those of their elven ancestors.

Spoiler: Society

The Garetines function on a pure meritocracy whose goal is invention and discovery. Their high magistracies are reserved for those who create or define new disciplines of thought or fundamental truths. They are avid tinkerers, but this does not solely define them. They are dreamers, jokers, but the moment one person poses a problem to be solved each and every Garetine in the vicinity will offer their input on the solution, collaborating to achieve the greatest result. Their cities and settlements are frequently more scientifically advanced than those of neighboring societies, largely due to their lack of inhibition towards invention. The Garetines will also share their discoveries freely with the world, but only after they themselves are first satisfied with them. They may occasionally seek aid from outside communities or call in experts for advice, but otherwise are incredibly secretive as to the exact status and nature of unfinished projects. Those who are called in for such discussions and produce results are frequently encouraged to undergo the Rite of Ascension, whereupon the creature is transformed from their previous race and becomes a Garetine.

Spoiler: Adventures

Garetines are actively encouraged to explore the outside world to discover new information or inspiration for their projects. Those who leave are expected to return having obtained some positive result from their travels, and frequently use their experiences to jumpstart their careers or introduce new materials into their society. Garetines are considered to be valuable adventurers for their problem-solving skills and their ingenuity. They frequently come up with solutions to problems their other party members had not considered, and have a knack for solving complex puzzles.

Spoiler: Racial Traits

Ability Scores: +2Intelligence, +2 Dexterity, -2 Con
Type: Humanoid(Garetine)
Speed: Base land speed is 30 ft.
Rush of Inspiration (Ex): Three times per day, a Garetine may choose to add a +5 Insight bonus to either an Intelligence or Dexterity check. They must choose to use this ability before rolling.
Collaboration: Garetines may use the Aid Another action on any skill, regardless of whether they are trained in it. Additionally, if they have ranks in that skill, instead increase the bonus provided by an amount equal to 1/2 the number of ranks the Garetine possess in that skill, rounded down.
Skills: Garetines receive a racial +2 bonus to Concentration and one Knowledge skill of their choice. Additionally, one of these skills is always considered a class skill for them.