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    Default Re: [3.x/PF] GitP Regulars as Playable Races!

    Alright People! I've got a batch of Races, for the fine creators and contributors to the wonderful thing that is Path of War!

    The Battleborn

    Type: Battleborn are Humans with the Battleborn Subtype.
    Size: Small or Medium, chosen at character creation.
    Attributes: Battleborn gain a +2 to any physical stat and a +2 to any mental stat
    Base Speed: 30 feet for medium or small Battleborn.
    Languages: Battleborn begin speaking common. A Battleborn may take any language, except for secret languages, as bonus languages.

    Martial Scion: A Battleborn initiate maneuvers and stances from their class disciplines at +3 Initiator Level, but do not gain a bonus to Initiator Level in any other discipline.

    Bonus Feat: A Battleborn gains Discipline Focus in any Discipline they choose as a bonus feat at first level. They do not have to meet the prerequisites for this feat.

    Greater Defensive Training: A Battleborn gains a +2 Bonus to Dodge Armor Class.

    Fearless: A Battleborn gains a +2 bonus against fear saving throws. (This may be replaced by various Racial Abilities of an appropriate RP value to represent certain Subraces)

    Low-Light Vision: A Battleborn can see in conditions of low-light twice as far as humans.

    Battleborn with certain combinations of physical and mental bonuses are referred to as various subraces.

    Darkhunters(Usually Associated with Stalkers): +2 Dex, +2 Wis, Camouflage (Pick Any One Terrain)
    Etc. I won't fill in the rest because I'm lazy.

    Adventurers: This is the one part of the fluff I should fill in, so here goes. Battleborn are first and foremost a race born of war and clashing steel, and as such, many take up the blade as various types of warriors, from the stalwart Warders to the mysterious Stalkers. Many new types of warriors have appeared recently among the battleborn, from those who wield elemental power alongside their blade, to those who inspire their allies with their own zeal and passion. Other types of Battleborn may exist, but they are rarer, with the mages being the rarest, something only a few choose instead of the Path of War.

    Should probably include more fluff, but I'm too lazy to bother. I like to leave my races open for fluff interpretations by other players.
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