Simon's eyes widen. Now, he wasn't an expert on bounties; he didn't even know what the going rate for them was, but whatever the case, 4000 subtract 450 for this fine gentleman, maybe 50 or 100 for a finders fee or whatever for the person wanted to out Cass, and that left 700 or so for each member of the group. He nods to Grant, "I'll see what I can do. I'll see you here at midnight then." With that, he turns and exits out into the street. Now, all he needed was to send a message, but to whom should it be sent? Well, Phinneas seemed to enjoy decoding Sevruul's incendiary letter, so he probably had some sort of background with codes. He didn't seem to be one to take a hobby though. Well, off he went to the library to research codes as well as he could. Something simple would probably suffice, but who knows what evil hands this letter might fall into.