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    (Every Atemu1234 race comes out as ate-(noun), which is funny to me).



    The Atemost, known as etherwraiths, are a race of creators. They arose hundreds of thousands of years ago in the mists of the ethereal, and can instinctively create new and vibrant species with their innate powers. This ability has made the Atemost revered by the races they create and despised by those their creations have supplanted. Some have ascribed the creation of the Elves, Humans, Dragons, and other natural creators to the Atemost. When told these stories they simply smile and refuse to verify or deny the story.

    It is believed that when the Atemost desire to reproduce they simply create a new Atemost using their power, but this is not certain.


    Atemost are beautiful but strange creatures. Born of the ethereal, they have skin which shifts between transparent and opaque black based on their emotions. An Atemost has no hair or other external stimuli, and the shape of their limbs is obscured by their skin.

    Their skin is loose and twitches frequently, giving it the appearance of a flowing cape or gown. The Atemost's organs are luminescent, with each one a different color. Their organs are all identical except for placement, size and color, being perfectly spherical. The heart and brain are the most spectacular, being twice the size of the other organs and glowing a fierce red and blue respectfully.

    There are 10 visible organs in the Atemost body, but other than the heart, brain and two green lungs they are not identified. The Atemost also contain a network of purple tubes which act both as veins and as a cartilaginous skeleton. These are always transparent and do not glow, making them difficult to spot in a living Atemost.


    An Atemost lives a mostly isolationist life. Sexless and solitary, they have no instinctive desire to communicate with each other or see old creations. However each Atemost believes it is an artist seeking the creation of the true, divine art. This compels them to overlook their creations and protect them while they are yet new, and compete with each other for the best forms. Some Atemost believe perfection is in power, others in physical beauty according to their own aesthetic, and still others by their societies.

    Some Atemost hate the forms created by their peers, and create life simply meant to purify the universe of imperfect art. These are the most evil of Atemost, genocidal and xenophobic. Some believe the violent and frightening Atemost mage Sthren created the Beholders as an attempt to create a perfect representation of his own xenophobia.

    Racial Traits

    +4 Int, +2 Wisdom
    (SU) Craft Life
    Move 20
    Favored Class: Artificer
    LA +2

    Create Life

    Create life creates an organism from the clouds of the ethereal plane. An Atemost can only create life when on the Ethereal plane and it takes 1000 GP and 1 week per HD of the creature created.

    Note: Use the Eidolon creation rules, with the Atemost being treated as a Summoner of equivalent level to their HD. The "Eidolon" is permanent and free willed once created, but starts with a friendly disposition towards the Atemost. The created form's type can be changed by spending 2 evolution points, and if it is not an Undead, Construct, or Outsider they can reproduce if a second one of the opposite sex is made.

    Note: I originally made my own rules for Create Life, but this seemed simpler.
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