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    Old Man McKorrigan

    Old Man McKorrigan
    Advanced Brokenhearted
    Size/Type: Medium Undead
    HD: 10d12+50 (115 HP)
    Initiative: +10 (+6 Dex, +4 Imp. Initiative)
    Speed: 40ft., fly 60ft. (perfect)
    Armor Class: 21 (+6 Dex, +5 deflection), touch 21, flat-footed 15
    Base Attack/Grapple: +5/-
    Attack: Incorporeal touch +11 melee (1d12 plus 1d3 Wisdom damage)
    Full Attack: Incorporeal touch +10 melee (1d12 plus 1d3 Wisdom damage)
    Space/Reach: 5ft./5ft.
    Special Attacks: Wisdom damage, create spawn, depressing aura
    Special Qualities: Darkvision 60ft., daylight vulnerability, incorporeal traits, +2 turn resistance, undead traits, critical weakness
    Saves: Fort +3, Ref +9, Will +10
    Abilities: Str -, Dex 22, Con -, Int 16, Wis 17, Cha 21*
    Skills: Hide +19, Intimidate +18, Knowledge (religion) +16, Listen +18, Search +16, Spot +18, Survival +3 (+5 following tracks)
    Feats: Dodge, Mobility, Spring Attack, Improved Initiative
    Environment: Any near Grimsley
    Organization: Unique
    Challenge Rating: 8
    Treasure: None or Telltale Heart
    Alignment: Chaotic Evil

    *Elite stat array.

    The house sat on a hill, overlooking a quiet village. In it dwelt the cranky, misanthropic, and indecently rich old man McKorrigan. He had been an adventurer in his youth, becoming a banker and moneylender after he lost an eye and his vitality to one monster too many, compounding the small fortune he had accumulated into a large one. Most of his money was invested in various ventures – with the cynicism of a former tomb robber, he thought it unwise to keep too much of his wealth in solid form, as it reminded him of the dragon caves and ogre lairs he had looted countless times. His only trappings of wealth were the grand house he built to live in, the enchanted sapphire eye that spat balls of icy fire on command, and the service of his loyal servant and housekeeper, Grimsley.

    Loyal, that is, until he was ensnared by the mind-control spells of an opportunistic burglar who sought McKorrigan’s riches. McKorrigan was furious when the gnome up and murdered him one night – so furious, in fact, that he returned from the grave just to punish Grimsley for his betrayal. McKorrigan’s demise had returned him as a unique type of ghost called the Brokenhearted, spirits who still carry faint physical ties to the world. He chases Grimsley from hiding spot to hiding spot, preferring to materialize and attack at night. Most times, he won’t show himself manifested unless Grimsley is alone, though he does attack and drain random passer-by on occasion, to keep Grimsley on the run from authorities believing him a murderer.


    Male Gnome Expert 5
    Size/Type: Small Humanoid (Gnome)
    HD: 5d6+15 (33 HP)
    Initiative: +3
    Speed: 20ft. (4 squares)
    Armor Class: 17(+3 armor, +3 Dex, +1 size), touch 14, flat-footed 14
    Base Attack/Grapple: +3
    Attack: Dagger +3 melee (1d3)
    Full Attack: Dagger +3 melee (1d3)
    Space/Reach: 5ft./5ft.
    Special Attacks: Spell-like abilities, +1 to attack rolls vs. kobolds + goblinoids
    Special Qualities: Low-light vision, +4 AC vs. giants
    Saves: Fort +4, Ref +3, Will +3 (+5 vs. illusions)
    Abilities: Str 10, Dex 15, Con 17, Int 13, Wis 8, Cha 10
    Skills: Craft (Alchemy) +2, Disguise +8, Heal +2, Hide +10, Listen +9, Move Silently +10, Profession (Housekeeper) +7, Spot +7, Survival +9
    Feats: Endurance, Self-Sufficient
    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

    Equipment: Dagger, studded leather, grappling hook, backpack, bullseye lantern, 5 pints of oil, traveler's outfit, 3 days trail rations

    Age: 60
    Height and Weight: 3'5", 45 lbs.
    Appearance: Brown hair, green eyes
    Languages: Common, Gnome, Elven

    Poor Grimsley had life in a good way. The job was easy, the pay was good, and if the old man he worked for was rather intemperate, at least he wasn’t too demanding. The only downside was the artificial eye he wore – it creeped Grimsley out, especially after he saw it spit a bluish fireball in pursuit of some overly enthusiastic peddlers who ignored the “No Trespassing” markers around McKorrigan’s property. It was almost too good to be true, particularly for a lowly gnome who had never planned or expected to amount to much.

    It was too good to be true. Tending the grounds one day, Grimsley had the unfortunate luck to fall under the spells of one Ernest Waux, a sorcerer and burglar who was after the old man’s rumored treasures. Thus ensnared, Grimsley waited until dark, then stabbed McKorrigan through the heart. Afterward, he woke up from his fugue, horrified and panicked. In desperation, he concealed himself and McKorrigan’s body in a secret compartment underneath the floorboards. That saved him from the prowling Waux, who broke in and ransacked the place in search of “his” prizes before giving up in disgust. But it didn’t save him from McKorrigan’s spirit, who was bent on revenge. The spirit’s torments drove him insane – he hasn’t gotten a good night’s sleep in over two years now, with McKorrigan always appearing to awaken him by the sound of an echoing heart, the heart that Grimsley silenced once but cannot silence again. He is constantly on the run, fleeing from town to city and back to another town, with the ghost of his past constantly on his heels. Even worse is McKorrigan’s spiteful tendency to murder an innocent person in the area whenever Grimsley finds a bit of peace, then pin the crime on the gnome in some manner, forcing him to run again. Grimsley hates McKorrigan, but wishes him no further ill will – he wants only to be left alone.

    Ernest Waux

    Ernest Waux
    Male Human Rogue 3/Sorcerer 4/Arcane Trickster 1
    Size/Type: Medium Humanoid (Human)
    Initiative: +7 (+3 Dex, +4 Improved Initiative)
    Speed: 30ft. (6 squares)
    Armor Class:19 (+3 armor, +2 shield, +3 Dex, +1 deflection), touch 14, flat-footed 16
    Base Attack/Grapple: +3/+3
    Attack: Masterwork rapier +7 melee (1d6/18-20/x2) or masterwork hand crossbow +7 ranged (1d4/19-20/x2, 30ft.)
    Full Attack: Masterwork rapier +7 melee (1d6/18-20/x2) or masterwork hand crossbow +7 ranged (1d4/19-20/x2, 30ft.) or 2 masterwork hand crossbows +5/+5 ranged (1d4/19-20/x2, 30ft.)
    Space/Reach: 5ft./5ft.
    Special Attacks: Sneak Attack +2d6, Ranged Legerdemain 1/day
    Special Qualities: Trapfinding, Trap Sense +1, Evasion
    Flaws: Forlorn
    Saves: Fortitude +3, Reflex +9, Will +6
    Abilities: Str 10, Dex 16, Con 12, Int 14, Wis 8, Cha 14
    Skills: Bluff +13, Concentration +12, Disable Device +16, Disguise +13 (+15 when acting in character), Hide +14, Open Lock +16, Knowledge (Arcana)+13, Knowledge (Local)+13, Search +13, Spellcraft +13
    Feats: Nimble Fingers, Weapon Finesse, Improved Initiative, Two-weapon fighting, Improved Toughness
    Alignment: Neutral Evil

    Equipment: Ring of Protection +1, +1 Darkwood Buckler, +1 Leather Armor, Cloak of Resistance +1, Handy Haversack, Pearl of Power (1st lvl spell), masterwork rapier, masterwork hand crossbow, masterwork hand crossbow, bedroll, flint+steel, trail rations, grappling hook, bullseye lantern, waterskin 90gp

    Age: 24
    Height and Weight: 5'6"
    Appearance: Black hair, blue eyes
    Languages: Common, Dwarven, Gnomish

    Spells Per Day: 6/6/4
    Spells Known (6/4/2): 0th - Detect Magic, Open/Close, Mage Hand, Ghost Sound, Detect Poison, Ray of Frost; 1st - Detect Secret Doors, Charm Person, Magic Missile, Expeditious Retreat; 2nd - Spider Climb, Invisibility

    Ernest had clearly been born to a life of thievery. From the day he could sit up, he was grabbing things, particularly other people’s things. From the day he could crawl, then walk, he was going places he wasn’t supposed to be, and often leaving with something he wasn’t supposed to have. The dysfunctional, abuse-ridden family life he suffered through didn’t help either, nor did his spontaneous manifestation of magical abilities, and he left home at an early age. Turning to a life of crime for survival, he profited somewhat, though not tremendously. When he heard about McKorrigan, and the fabulous valuables he was rumored to be hoarding, he immediately formulated a plan. The arcane power that had served him so well already came in handy once again, and he charmed the unsuspecting gnome who worked in McKorrigan’s house.

    That night, Waux waited until he heard the old man’s death cry, then worked his way into the house. To his surprise and displeasure, the rumors had been false – there were no vaults of gold or chests of jewels…and both the gnome and the body had vanished, along with the magical jeweled eye that McKorrigan had been famous for. Raging, he retreated, stopping only to place an anonymous tip with the local guards that Grimsley had snapped and murdered McKorrigan for his jewels. By blind chance, he spotted the crazed and terrified gnome as he left town, and followed.

    Waux believes Grimsley knows where McKorrigan’s valuables are concealed, and will do anything to force the information out of him. He doesn’t know about McKorrigan’s ghost, and thinks Grimsley is simply fleeing from him and the authorities.
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