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I just watched the first episode of Kill-la-Kill. Now can somebody PLEASE explain what in the actual Abaddon(Hey, I like that, I'm keeping it) I just watched?
Haha I am not an Anime watcher but just had to check this out based on your comment.... I was so confused that I watched the second episode... I am still wearing my "OK WTF just happened" face

anyways... back on topic :P

For Atemu1234 I humbly submit the "Temu" into the "A dragon did it" category

Name: Temu
Spoiler: History:
The legend of the Tarrasque is known to many. The massive mountain devouring beast with an unrelenting thirst for raw destruction strikes fear into the hearts of adventurers around the known worlds. Even if no one has seen the beast for many years, they all know that it exists and that, one day, it will awaken.

One day many of the elder Dragons met to discuss the problem of the Tarrasque. It was during this meeting that the mighty Io said, “Perhaps it is loneliness that has driven the beast to its destructive ways. There is only one known to exist in this world and it must therefore be lonely.”

Thus it was decided that the dragons would create a partner for the Tarrasque; a partner that would hopefully quell the rage within the beast and prevent its destructive ways. Thus was the Temu created and set upon its course.

The Temu was invested with the most powerful spells and abilities of creation and a disposition that would make those of the celestial temples look cruel. While searching for the Tarrasque, the Temu witnessed much sorrow and loss throughout the lands and set about easing this in any way it could. It is credited with miracle resurrections, the saving of towns and villages and even the creation of complete races or beings.

Alignment: NG.
Spoiler: Relations:
The Temu is extremely elusive and – if it must – prefers to communicate with other beings using an illusory projection of itself, appearing as a member of the race with which it is communing. The Temu is friendly towards all races and seeks to reform all evil doers. It does its work in secret and in the subtlest of manners.

Spoiler: Society:
Being the only one of its kind, the Temu does not truly exhibit any societal traits.

Spoiler: Adventurers:
The Temu has been on a quest for many centuries and continues to search for the Tarrasque. It is driven to fulfil its reason for life and to sooth the savage beast. While on its search, the Temu has been known to travel with various adventuring parties in various guises. While it loathes the necessity of lying to them about its true nature, the Temu knows that it must.

Spoiler: Appearance:
Because the Temu uses illusions to hide from others, only Io and a few of the remaining elder dragons truly know what it looks like. In order to protect their creation, they refuse to even acknowledge its existence.

Spoiler: Racial Ability modifiers:
+30 Strength, +30 Constitution, +20 Dexterity, +40 Intelligence, +40 wisdom, +40 Charisma. The centuries have not dulled any of the Temu’s abilities and the knowledge gleaned over the years has only served to enhance its mental faculties. It relies on its impressive charisma to persuade evil doers that their ways are wrong and that they should recant their evil ways.

Type: Magical Being
Size: Unknown – suspected to be colossal
Base Speed: 40 ft.
Languages: All. What languages the Temu does not know, it can learn rapidly as it finds similarities with them and languages it already knows.
Spoiler: Racial Traits:
• Wish: Once per month the Temu is able to cast the spell Wish at no cost as a SLA with a caster level of 30.
• Create: Once per year the Temu can meditate for a week. After this week it is able to create virtually anything that it can comprehend with enough detail for it to be feasible. The success of this ability is dependent on the strength of the Temu’s will and
• The Temu always treats all knowledge skills and gather information as class skills and gains 2 skill points in each per character level.
• True Resurrection: Once per month the Temu can bring any being that was once possessed of life back to life the way it was before death and fully healed. This is a SLA and incurs no cost and causes the target’s alignment to shift towards good (unless already good).
• Soothe the Savage Beast: As a SLA the Temu is able to cast a version of Wild Empathy that functions the same way but applies to all beings with a minimum intelligence score of 1. Instead of using the ranger level, this skill uses character level.
• Well balanced: The Temu does not automatically fail a save on a roll of a 1. Additionally, the Temu is able to re-roll one save per day and add its wisdom modifier to it.
• +30 Natural AC, the Temu is able to add its Con modifier to AC (including touch AC and flat footed).
• DR 20/epic
• Regeneration 30
• The Temu has 60d12 RHD

Favoured Class: Any
Level Adjustment: +29 (Seriously! A Dragon did it!!!)