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Seems like a fun concept, though I believe the term you were looking for was "Myconid", not "Myconian". My real question is how this princess survived the "Mass Regicide" that wiped out her parents. Also, try to put some thought of the effect this would have on the populace. Is there general malcontent amongst the citizens? What do the gentry think? What about others who want her throne? Do the myconid soldiers answer to the specific ruler, or to the throne? What does this fungus god want from her in return? What goals aside from simply holding her little kingdom together does the young Queen hold dear?
These are the real questions.

A. I messed up. B. She just...wasn't there? C. Kinda. They were going to revolt and a lot of them were moving away. it's become somewhat totalitarian. D. Just her. E. Plot hook? F. Haven't decided yet. The Myconids act as soldiers, builders, and general servants.

Mykon was a god I was using in some earlier games, his places of worship were around giant clumps of various enchanted fungi in damp caves. the evil cults to him would eat bits of the altars and gain essentially Devil Fruit powers.