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The LoyalPaladin joins the fray! I give permission.
Alignment: LAWFUL GOOD
Rank: Intermediate Deity
Domains: Good, Law, Protection, Glory, War
Symbol: A holy stick being shoved up some poor soul's bum A silver spear head surrounded by white flames
Favored Weapon: Bastard Sword
Beliefs and Tenets: LoyalPaladin is the champion of goodly and innocent folk all over the world. His followers are known for their ceaseless devotion to law and order and their dedication to protecting those who cannot protect themselves. The church of LoyalPaladin is made up of knightly orders of warrior priests, and boasts the largest group of Paladins of any deity. Followers are expected to respect legitimate local authority, aid and protect the less fortunate, provide wise council and cool heads, and generally act in the best interest of their fellows.

The church accepts any who wish to join, but expects dedication and zeal from its followers, as theirs is a hard road full of ceaseless toil. Even members of evil races who seek the light are welcomed, as redemption is the right of all sentient beings.

Holidays: LoyalPaladin expects his followers to celebrate the life that is given to them each day and work to better the world around them, but he does allow for days of celebration. The last four days of the year are dedicated to rest and reflection on the actions of the previous year, and LoyalPaladin encourages his followers to enjoy local celebrations as well, so long as they do so in moderation.

Godly Relationships: LoyalPaladin finds himself diametrically opposed to the god Red Fel, although their interactions are surprisingly cordial. He often works with other deities of War, Good or Law, although he despises Evil gods and refuses to ally with them unless a much greater threat presents itself.

Mortal Champions: LoyalPaladin's Mortal Champions are all high level Paladins. They are trusted to act independently and to seek out and destroy evil, while promoting the cause of good.
The Smiling Guardian- Paladin X/Monk X/Sacred Fist X. A mysterious traveler who poses as a nobleman, commoner, merchant or even a slave. He travels the world righting wrongs, guiding the faithful and teaching lessons. He has a bit of a trickster side to him, but is unerringly good.

The Advocate- Paladin 10/Grey Guard 10. The path to hell is paved with good intentions, and so the church of LoyalPaladin supports this most holy of positions to act as an outside perspective on the church's actions, and to challenge them to strive for a truer and more impactful dedication to good.

The White Knight- Paladin 20. A ceaseless champion of good and light, the White Knight is a title passed down among the strongest and most loyal Paladins of LoyalPaladin's service. Blessed by the vigor of their god, The White Knight needs no rest, no food, and no water, being sustained entirely by their dedication to Law and Good.

Spoiler: Reasoning

So, I avoided making a mockery of the Paladin orders, but man was it hard. The bastard sword was selected as the favored weapon because its useful as both a one and two handed weapon, which are the two preferred styles of combat for a Paladin. The champions were for fun, but idk how to build any actual paladins, so the sacred fist guy is left to your imagination, unless someone wants to make some suggestions.