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    Spoiler: Palladian, The Hero of Knights
    In days of old, there were many gods who are no longer among us. This was a savage time, where the land was inhospitable, the world was ravaged, and man's life was brutal, nasty, and short. Principles held no value when survival was paramount. Those who wielded weapons fortified themselves behind walls and gates, leaving only to pillage the lands around them. Those who had no weapons didn't last long.

    Nobody knows the origins of the man called Palladian. He never showed his face, constantly concealing it behind the visor of a helmet. He was rarely seen without his armor, a simple suit of silvered plate with a golden sun emblazoned across the chest. He rarely spoke, only doing so to issue homilies about justice and virtue. All that was known is that one day, he arrived in the land, heavily armed, possessed of equal parts virtue and violent zeal. It was this latter quality that brought him fame, for he set about battering down the gates of tyrants, breaking the chains of the oppressed, and creating peace and order in his wake. Yet no sooner would he complete his task than he would vanish, taking no reward and leaving no trace.

    He soon achieved mythic status. People believed him some sort of spirit, or god, wandering the land and forging a new, just order from the cruel chaos that preceded him. In time, a faith grew around Palladian. An order of knights, paladins, and clerics, calling themselves the Knights of Sol, formed around the ideal that he represented. When people were oppressed, and cried out for justice, they cried out to Palladian; when they were rescued by knights wearing sun crests, they attributed the heroism to Palladian.

    Perhaps this was what caused the man Palladian to ascent to godhood. Or perhaps he always was a god. There are many mysteries from that age which are still unexplained.

    Palladian has the highest standards of his followers. He expects them to be walking symbols of purity, righteousness, and justice. Outsiders see these expectations as unreasonable, even ludicrous, but followers of Palladian believe that their god simply expects them to exceed their limits, and to be the best that they can possibly be. This, in fact, is the core tenet of the followers of Palladian: to strive each day to be a better person than the last, to inspire greatness in yourself and in others, and to live as though you could be called upon at any moment to save the world.

    Clergy and Temples
    Palladian's clergy are an orderly meritocracy. His divine proxies take an active role in selecting and grooming the purest, noblest, and most righteous for promotion; those who aspire to greatness have the burden of showing their worth as holy warriors. The clergy of Palladian is primarily a martial order; while a few Clerics act as logistics officers or medics, most of his clergy are devoted to continuing the war against Evil and injustice in all its forms.

    Churches of Palladian are rare, due to their sophistication. Palladian's churches tend to be vast, vaulted cathedrals, with high ceilings and great, massive windows, to allow in a maximum amount of natural light. Each church also prominently features bell towers, and is build in such a place that the bells can be heard from miles around, a clarion call to prayer or a martial rally. The church itself tends to form the center of a fortified keep, with barracks for warriors, stables for horses, and warehouses with enough supplies to withstand a siege. The church, being a martial order, tends to depend upon the kindness and gratitude of local farmers and merchants for food and supplies, but returns the favor by standing as an unbreakable bulwark against bandits and invasions. All who fight for righteousness or seek protection from Evil are welcome to rest within its walls.

    The Hero of Knights, The Light of Justice, Retribution's Wing
    Intermediate Deity
    Symbol: A sword, in front of a sun, in front of a shield
    Home Plane: Celestia
    Alignment: Lawful Good
    Portfolio: Paladins, justice, righteous war
    Worshipers: Paladins, righteous warriors, anyone seeking protection from Evil
    Cleric Alignments: LG, NG. Palladian does not accept Chaotic or non-Good clergy.
    Domains: Good, Law, Retribution, War
    Favored Weapon: Greatsword

    Pantheon: Good
    Relationships: TBD

    And... Dangit, swordsage'd.
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