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    Default Re: [3.x/PF] GitP Regulars as Deities... again.

    Here we go, Ancient Deity Fel time:

    Spoiler: Fel, Deity of Evil
    Asmodeus, Tiamat, Lucifer. The rulers of the various hells across the universe, known for being near infinite in power. Yet there is one deity so old, that all but the oldest of creatures have forgotten him, and even then, he is only remembered as a long gone memory. However, this great being is not gone, in fact, he is the very opposite. When someone speaks of Baator, they speak of him. When someone speaks of hell, they speak of him. When someone speaks of Infernus, or Abaddon, they speak of him. He is Fel, oldest ruler of hell. He is hell.

    Fel (Ancient Deity)
    Alignment: Fel is the pure embodiment of Law and utter Evil. He is LE.
    Domains: Law, Evil, Rune, Darkness, Fire, Trickery
    Worshippers: Fel is so powerful, even the devils in secret worship him, if only out of fear that his essence will consume them. All lawful and evil beings worship some form of him.
    Favored Weapon: Contract
    Portfolio: Contracts, Pure Evil, Hell, Abaddon, Baator, Infernus, Laws
    Symbol: A contract wrote in crimson, laid over horns of fire and shadow.

    Pantheon: The Ancient Pantheon

    Contract (Exotic Light Melee Weapon)
    Damage: 1d6 if medium, 1d4 if small
    Type: Slashing and Word damage
    Special: The contract can be rolled up to serve as a scroll, requiring a DC 25 perception check to tell the difference. It also serves as a true contract when needed.
    Weight: 1 lb.
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