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Yes... Yes! It is time. It is the time... of Red Fel.
Red Fel
Alignment: Muahahaha!!!
Rank: Greater Deity
Domains: Evil, Trickery, Charm, Luck, Knowledge
Symbol: A laughing blue skull with rubies for eyes
Favored Weapon: spiked chain
Beliefs and Tenets: Red Fel is an evil and insidious deity that acts to spread evil in the world in order to corrupt it towards his own ends. Possessing far more foresight than most evil deities, Red Fel makes efforts to remain on amicable terms with most other deities. His clerics follow similar ideals, often presenting themselves in a community as helpful and knowledgeable members of society so that they may slowly corrupt others to the worship of their dark lord. Clerics of Red Fel even work actively with paladins and other champions of good in order to erode at their most basic beliefs.

Holidays: Red Fel supports frequent holidays, with much feasting and celebration so as to draw mortals into his worship. These holidays are unusually tame for an evil deity, although they tend towards far more excess than most good aligned gods would be comfortable with. It is common practice among newly established churches of Red Fel to have holidays almost every week as they establish themselves in order to bring people to their worship quickly.

Godly Relationships: Red Fel opposes deities of good in principle, although he makes efforts to be cordial, helpful and available if they or their followers ever need his aid (after all keep your friends close, but your enemies closer). He dislikes Gruumsh because of the god's shortsightedness, but can appreciate his desire for destruction.

Mortal Champions: Red Fel has many mortal agents that work towards his ends in secret, but a few are open about their loyalty to the dark lord.
The Whispering Lady- Beguiler 20. She travels from town to town, always in splendor to attend the finest parties and banquets in order to gain the ear of the leaders of many countries and turn their thoughts and loyalties towards her master. An expert seductress, the Whispering Lady always manages to leave town just before her corruption and dalliances are found out.

The Lost Child- A street urchin who travels the world posing as someone in need of rescue. She has lead many adventurers on quests of vengeance and destruction on her behalf, always delighting in the chaos and destruction she can sew by playing on the hearts of those noble fools.

The Fiend- Advanced Marilith. When subtlety and secrecy are uncalled for, and might must rule the day, Red Fel calls upon the Fiend to lead his armies. This advanced Marilith is a master of all weapons, with aeons of military experience and a thirst for blood and death unrivaled in the multiverse. The only thing she cares for more, is her master.

Spoiler: Reasoning

Being the mastermind that he is, Red Fel needed to be a god of planning, cunning and skill, not just evil. So that's what I've got. Red Fel's champions are all female because what evil overlord would be caught dead without a bevy of beautiful ladies at his beck and call?