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    Default Re: [3.x/PF] GitP Regulars as Deities... again.

    Alright, here's the Greater Deity version of Red Fel. Vermeil is Latin for the color Red.

    Spoiler: Red, the Fallen
    There once was a great Sorceror who went by the name Vermeil, a crusader for all that was Good and Pure. As he quested, he saw that as mighty as he would ever become, as much as he fought and risked his life againt the unspeakable horrors of the infinite multiverse and beyond, there was always more Evil to be found.

    Eventually, he changed. Obviously, Good was not the true order of things if his countless victories only led to countless more of the entities popping up.

    Always charismatic and intelligent in the extreme, Vermeil turned to the realm of Evil, taking the name Red. he fought for its causes (though always on his own terms), proseltized its ethos, and still enjoyed life just as thoroughly as he did before his change of view. When eventually he lay at death's door, his power refused to fade. In the Hall of the Gods, he convinced the forces of Evil to chose him to lead them. They still have no idea how he did it.

    Evil does not mean savage, nor does it make one automatically a betrayer. One must put one's self forward, as this is the only way to become all that one can be. A single civil and urbane voice in discussion at the right time can do more for the cause than a million monsters.

    Clergy and Temples
    Red the Fallen is one of few truly Evil deities who is openly worshiped, in great part because he sees no need to destroy good (it'll all come to him eventually anyway). His clergy all wear red, the deeper the color the higher the rank. Novices wear a red so light it's almost pink, and his High Priest wears a red so deep it is visible through darkvision. All wear his symbol on a clasp, binding their robes together over their heart to show their dedication. None ever hide this symbol, even where it can get them killed.

    The Whisperer, The High Lord of Evil,
    Greater Deity
    Symbol: A black circle, on which a red crescent is emblazoned points-upward, almost like a grin.
    Home Plane: The Seven Hells (where he is welcome anywhere)
    Alignment: Lawful Evil
    Portfolio: Evil, Debate, Diplomacy, and powers which enhance the self.
    Worshipers: Evil creatures who wish to live peacefully, those who put themselves forward above all, Diplomats
    Cleric Alignments: LE, LN, NE
    Domains: Evil, Law, Glory, Community
    Favored Weapon: Quarterstaff

    Pantheon: Evil
    Relationships: Red has a surprisingly good relationship with nearly every other major Power, save only those who would lessen his efforts by intentional or unintentional interference. He is said to be excellent in a debate and persuasive, no matter what the topic at hand.

    Yes, that's right. Evil and Glory domains on the same guy.

    EDIT: Holy CRAP swordsage'd. I was right, though.
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