I think it's time for someone other than Red Fel to get a deity, otherwise he's just going to end up with all of them. So here's a new one:

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I, eggynack, shall again give up my likeness for the purposes of deity production.
Alignment: TN
Rank: Greater Deity
Domains: Nature, Animal, Plant, Sun, Weather
Symbol: A wooden oak leaf inlaid with bright gold
Favored Weapon: Natural Weapons
Beliefs and Tenets: We are one with nature, and each of us to nature belongs. This is the core tenet of the worship of Eggynack, the lord of all Druids. His worship is found and founded in the wild places of the world, where civilization dares not tread. Reverence for the wilds and willingness to test oneself against it is considered honorable and desireable among the followers of Eggynack. Those who strive for strength will find it within themselves and within their companions, but only if they are willing to endure hardship to do so. One must survive in order to become strong.

Holidays: The equinoxes and solstices mark the holy days of Eggynack's church, as the mark the changing of the seasons and the shifting of the world among the heavens.

Godly Relationships: Eggynack bears cordial relationships with all deities, even those that seek to destroy nature, since they can only act within their own, their actions only serve to illustrate the great glory that is the natural world.

Mortal Champions: Eggynack's Mortal Champions are true servants of the wild. They fiercely protect their domains, but welcome challengers and followers with open arms.
The Skinwalker- Wildshape Ranger X/ Bear Warrior X/ Fist of the Forest X. A wanderer in the wilds, and easily the greatest tracker in the world, the skinwalker has spent more time in the form of a beast than a man, and has forgotten much of his former self. He does not regret this.

The Green Lady- Great Wyrm Green Dragon Druid 20. Eggynack's most powerful champion, the Green Lady watches over his most sacred sites, traveling from one to the other to protect her lord's holdings. She teaches others the knowledge to become druids and guides many on the path to oneness with nature.

The Tree of Knowledge- Elder Treant Druid 20. The great teacher, many druids seek out the Tree of Knowledge to know how best to fulfill their duties as druids. The Tree of Knowledge is said to share the mind of every tree and plant in the world, and can access memories from times long forgotten.