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    Default Re: [3.x/PF] GitP Regulars as Deities... again.

    Excellent! I was waiting for you Zaydos! Another Ancient Deity, here we come!

    Spoiler: Zaydos, Deity of Creation
    There is one deity said to have been part of the creation of all things, even the other gods. When the universe was young, and still a primordial sea of nothing, a single being arose and took shape from the Chaos, forming the basis for the various planes and levels of existence. His essence is found in all forms of life, even the gods themselves. It is unknown whether Zaydos formed the other Ancient Deities from himself, or if they too, arose from the primordial chaos. He is said to be vaguely draconian in shape, and the few scriptures of him that exist depict him as a humanoid dragon bearing a staff in one hand and a magical essence in the other.

    Zaydos (Ancient Deity)
    Alignment: Zaydos is True Neutral, valuing creation over all.
    Domains: Artifice, Community, Rune, Scalykind (Dragon), Creation
    Worshippers: Creators, Inventors, Arcane Casters.
    Favored Weapon: Quarterstaff
    Portfolio: Creation, Dragons, Knowledge
    Symbol: A stylized dragon encircled about a staff of runes.

    Pantheon: The Ancient Pantheon
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