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You have all done well. So much Red Fel and LoyalPaladin. I'm curious what the great playground can do for the legendary Keledrath.

Kind of makes me wish I actually had information on the character somewhere on this site. If only he weren't impossible to recreate in 3.5/PF without absurd homebrewing/houseruling/tristalting
Alignment: TN
Rank: Lesser Deity
Domains: War, Artifice, Glory, Strength, Protection
Symbol: A crossed sword and spear over a roundshield
Favored Weapon: It's complicated...
Legend: Keledrath was a legendary warrior from the beginning of the world who worked to master unusual fighting styles and explore new weapons and skills. He mastered weapon after weapon, learning each in turn until one day, there was nothing left. Most great masters face such a crisis and find themselves broken by their own perfection, but Keledrath persevered, having realized that mastery over each weapon individually was nothing compared to a mastery of all weapons as one. Keledrath returned to his studies, traveling from battlefield to battlefield to master his new styles and to find the connection between each and every weapon. When finally his end came, Keledrath was welcomed among the gods as a hero and a mortal of exceptional ability.

Beliefs and Tenets: The above legend contains much of the core beliefs of those who worship Keledrath. Chiefly, that mastery over a skill is never complete, and that innovation is just as important as understanding the established systems. Worshipers of Keledrath value hard work, skill, and creativity. Martial skill is very common among his followers, but they do not reserve themselves to only mastering martial skill.

Holidays: One of Keledrath's most important holidays is the week long Grand Tourney. Followers all over the world gather together to engage in friendly competition of all kinds. At the Grand Tourney, new skills are demonstrated, new inventions displayed and new foods tasted. Winners of the various competitions receive prizes and blessings from the church.

Godly Relationships: Keledrath finds common ground with other gods of martial skill, and any who support knowledge, innovation and craftsmanship.

Mortal Champions:
The Keledrath- Whispers exist that the mortal form of Keledrath still walks the earth, forever sealed in his armor and carrying his signature multiple weapons to test the mettle of his followers and to continue his desire to bring mastery of all weapons under a single style.

The Artificer- Gnome Artificer 20. A master inventor who has been a fan and worshipper of Keledrath supposedly since before he even ascended to godhood. The Artificer crafts new and interesting magical items for the church of Keledrath, which are then disseminated to the faithful.

The Gourmand- Orc Expert 20. The Gourmand holds the title of the greatest chef in the world. His skill in the kitchen borders on the deific already, and he credits his success to the church of Keledrath's valuing innovation so highly. The Gourmand is known to sometimes have a sour mood though, so months may go by without him cooking, until suddenly he bursts onto the scene again whipping up feast for heroes, kings and beggars alike.