Here you go Paladin-sensei. I offer my tribute.

Alignment: LAWFUL Neutral

Rank: Intermediate Deity
Domains: Knowledge, Law, Pride, Radiance, Retribution, Tyranny, Zeal

Symbol: A suit of armor holding a sword in one hand and shield in the other hand with wings fully spread.
Favored Weapon: Maul
Portfolio: “Justice”, Evangelism, Weird holy glowie effects, stupid-heads who aren’t mean

Backstory: Paladin-sensei was a man who believed in “Justice”. Everywhere he went he would deal with those he deemed “Unjust” and spread the word of “Justice”. He would be willing to teach them the error of their ways but they would never take that option and instead choose to fight and die to the awesome power of his maul. In case any “unjust” person ever chose to be educated in the way of “Justice”, the maul he carried was large and very rectangular. Its sides were also made of slate so he could plant the sharp pointy handle in the ground and use chalk on it for visual aids in lecturing on “Justice”. One day, Paladin-sensei found someone “Unjust” who, after fighting him for a while, asked to talk. While they were talking over tea and Paladin-sensei was lecturing on “Justice”, the “Unjust” man convinced Paladin-sensei to come with him to spread the word of “Justice” to an evil land that was clearly in need of “Justice”. When they got to the “Unjust“ land the “Unjust” man tricked led the entire country against Paladin-sensei for the “Unjust” man was this county’s charismatic and beloved leader. Paladin-sensei defeated all those who were illuminated by his holy glow, but he grew tired and was unable to keep his holy glowie effects going. He was defeated by the “Unjust” forces that were outside of his holy glowie effects for the swarm was larger than Paladin-sensei could illuminate. When he died his desire for “Justice” was so strong he ascended to godhood and those that believed in the word of “justice” that he spread gave him the power he has today. He swiftly used his new power to deal retribution upon the “Unjust” country. The he was swiftly educated by the other gods as to why he shouldn’t directly deal “Justice” unless he wants a huge god-brawl.

Pantheon: Paladin-sensei is welcome in the pantheons of people with a ritually implanted heat sink rods, and holy glowie people.

Relations: The pantheon of knowledge also lets him lecture to them because they love to take notes on his passionate lectures. He also has a well-known alliance with the great and powerful Snowbluff.

Notes: Paladin orders of Paladin-sensei are forward thinking and do not require the ritual implantation of a heat sink rod for initiates. However, they have noticed that those who opt out of it aren’t nearly as proactive in the fight for “Justice” as those who did g through with the ritual. Those who opted out also appear to be less durable when it comes to weather effects and surviving spells cast on them.

Clergy: Paladin-sensei only accepts clergy who are LN and LG. Though he does embrace some TN people they are not allowed to represent him through station.