Here you go WeasleGuy.

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Rank:Lesser Deity
Domains: Animal, Competition, Courage, Kobold, Law, War

Symbol: A Weasel's head with two lances crossed behind it.
Favored Weapon: Lance
Portfolio: Mounted Warriors, Kobolds, Honor, Battle

Backstory: The Kobold who would rise to become the Deity WeaselGuy was born under the rule of a cruel and capricious Red Dragon. The beast would eat Kobolds whenever it suited it and destroy their homes because it could. One day WeaselGuy, upon his trusted weasel, attacked the beast. The battle raged for hours, the dragon destroying much of its lair and horde trying to reduce WeaselGuy to ash until WeaselGuy got a clear charge at it's heart. His lance pieced the tough dragon hide and the beasts blood covered him and his mount, this blood changed him. Filled with the power of a dragon, WeaselGuy went forth and did battle with foul beasts and crazed monsters across the known world. Somewhere on this journey he became a god and is revered the world over by Kobolds and other mounted warriors.

Pantheon:WeaselGuy is in the Pantheon of War as well as being part of the Kobold Pantheon.

Relations:WeaselGuy is welcomed by most non-Chaotic gods and goddesses especially gods of war

Clergy:The Clergy of WeaselGuy is varied greatly racially as almost all races appreciate cavalry. Alignment wise WeaselGuy accepts priests of LG,LN,LE and TN, as long as they appreciate Battle (especially while mounted) they will find acceptance here.