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    As a loyal priest of the Omnissiah there is but one logical colour: Maroon

    Spoiler: Tech Priest Romulus Verduyn

    Spoiler: Biography

    Name: Romulus Verduyn
    Gender: Male
    Divination: "Kill the alien before it can speak its lies." Quick Draw
    Homeworld: Voidborn
    Background: Adeptus Mechanicus
    Role: Chirugeon

    WS: 30
    BS: 25
    S: 30
    T: 40
    Ag: 30
    Int: 45
    Per: 25
    WP: 40
    Fel: 25
    Inf: 30

    Wounds: 11/11
    Fate Points: 2/3

    Spoiler: Bonus Abilities

    Home World Bonus: Child of the Dark: Starts with Strong Minded Talent, +30 for moving in zero gravity.

    Background Bonus: Replace the Weak Flesh: Cybernetics are two levels more available.

    Role Bonus: Dedicated Healer: Can spend fate to automatically pass failed First Aid, DoS equal Int Bonus.

    Spoiler: Aptitudes

    • Intelligence
    • Tech
    • Fieldcraft
    • Willpower
    • Knowledge
    • Strength
    • Toughness

    Spoiler: Skills

    • Operate (Aeronautica)
    • Common Lore (Adeptus Mechanicus)
    • Logic
    • Security
    • Tech-Use
    • Medicae +10

    Spoiler: Talents

    • Strong Minded: Reroll failed Willpower saves against psychic powers
    • Mechadendrite Use (Utility)
    • Weapon Training (Solid Projectile, Las)
    • Resistance (Fear)
    • Jaded
    • Quick Draw

    Spoiler: Trait

    • Mechanicus Implants

    Spoiler: Experience:

    Spent Experience: 1000
    Remaining Experience: 1000
    • Medicae Known - 100xp
    • Medicae Trained - 200xp
    • Int Simple - 100xp
    • Weapon Training (Las) - 300xp
    • Jaded - 300xp

    Spoiler: Equipment

    Weapon Class Range RoF Dam Pen Clip Rld Special Weight
    Autogun Basic 100m S/3/10 1d10+3 I 0 30 Full - 5kg
    Medicae Mechadendrite Melee (Special) - - 1d5 R 0 - - Balanced -
    Improvised Melee Melee - - 1d10-2 I 0 - - Primitive (7), Unbalanced -
    • Monotask Servo Skull (Utility): acts as multi-tool
    • Imperial robes
    • 2 vials of sacred unguents
    • Medicae Mechadendrite: +10 Medicae and Interrogate checks
    • Respiratory Filter Implant: +20 to resist airborne toxins and gasses.
    • Luminen Capacitior: Can recharge devices with Toughness test. One minute of focus or meditation. Test depends on nature of powered system.

    Spoiler: Acquisitions

    • Medicae Mechadendrite
    • Respiratory Filter Implant
    • Luminen Capacitior

    Spoiler: Background

    Tech-Priest Romulus has no memories of a life prior to his service in the Adeptus Mechanicus, seemingly having sprung forth into the universe as a fully grown bionic individual. Whether this is due to some complication during the installation of his Cranial surgery, or in some way related to the strange birthmarks on the bottom of his toes (11001010011), is unknown to the Tech-Priest, and frankly he has never had reason to inquire.

    Until his assignment to the Inquisitor's service, he was assigned to the Adeptus Biologicus vessel Mendelian Hereditas. As a lowly Adept, he was tasked with maintaining the servitor crew. He spend countless work cycles in one of the the countless maintenance bays, the simple minded machines his only company. Eventually he gained enough experience to be tasked with the creation of a servo-skull from scratch as proof of his competency prior to being raised into the priesthood and issued his first mechadendrite.

    Along with his initiation came a new responsibility: the creation of new servitors. Typically the Mendelian Hereditas utilized cloned biological component in the process, but they would also process more primitively grown biologics that they received in exchange for a delivery. While processing a group of soldiers provided by an Adeptus Biologicus outpost orbiting a war world, Romulus noticed something strange. Chiefly, the presence of a sort of fungus in their blood. He brought this to the attention of his superior, who after a brief look grew very still, and left. Weeks later, Romulus found himself being questioned by the Magos Juris, and subsequently seconded to the Inquisition.