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    The simulator can take into accounts thing like positioning, spell selection, and general tactics(although attacking weakest to strongest is a really smart way to simulate that, very smart), but something I think your simulator would be good for is quantifying hit points over AC.

    an example would be, given the option, "is +1 to AC better that an extra 5 hp? 10hp? 20hp?" Also looking at something like survivability vs damage output. An example could be "Is there a correlation between damage output and survivability?" and "Do tanker builds put out more damage because they would stay up longer in a fight?"

    One last thing, we used to record stats for a few of our games. We did it from levels 2-5 about 7 session and the one thing that really popped out was that there was a steady 3 to 1 damage taken vs damage dealt all the way through.

    Anyways, this is awesome and keep up the good work. I can't wait till I get a little bit of free time to play around with your code. it's been a long time since I used python. It will be fun to see how much I remember too!
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