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    It's never too late, Zaydos.


    These small, weasel-like humanoids hail from the future. They traveled into the past as a pilgrimage to honor their ancient ancestor, Weaselguy's mighty weasel, Weasel. Some are born and live their live in the past, but many others still travel from the future to fight like their great ancestor once did.

    Type: Monstrous Humanoid (Weaselguy)
    Abilities: +2 Dex and +2 Cha. The Weaselguys are small and quick. Their adorable weasel faces take their enemies off guard.
    Speed: 30 ft. Despite being small, they are fast runners.
    Size: Small. They are descendants of weasels, after all. This also means that they have a wide variety of mounts to ride on.
    Skills: +2 to Knowledge History, Ride, and Handle Animal. The history of the great ancestor's times are studied carefully by Weaselguy pilgrims. They are natural riders and mounted warriors.
    Other abilities:
    Mounted Weapon Proficiency: Weaselguys are proficient with Lances and Short Bows, even if their class levels would not grant these proficiencies.
    Expert Mount Training (Ex): Once each day, the Weaselguy may train their mount for 10 minutes. When they do this, they pick a feat and roll a Ride or Handle Animal check. If the result exceeds the mount's HD + 10, for the rest of the day, the mount is treated as having that feat as long as the Weaselguy is riding it.
    Languages: Weaselguys speak Common. They may choose Orc, Goblin, Draconic, Terran, or Sylvan as their bonus languages for having a high intellect score.
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